To look good and perfect at all times, one has to know all the common shoe problems and their solutions. Solving these problems timely can help to enhance durability of the shoe as well as save some money that could have being used to purchase new ones. This article presents some of the common shoe problems and their solutions.

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Worn Out/Wobbly/Broken Heels

Typically most heels get worn out faster than all other parts of a shoe; hence, the need to regularly check the condition of your heels. Wearing shoes with broken heels can be detrimental to the ankle and feet joints as well as the hip muscles especially if used for prolonged periods. The most sustainable solutions to this problem are:

  • Replace the broken heel with a new one that matches its size and style.
  • Worn out heels should be replaced with quality rubber heel-lifts.
  • Wobbly heels should be reinforced and reset to enhance stability of the shoe.

Slippery Shoes

This is among one of the most common shoe problems that can be very embarrassing especially if used to walk on slippery surfaces since one can easily fall. The main cause of this problem is wearing out of soles especially leather and plastic soles. One of the sure ways of rectifying this problem is by adding durable protective rubber sole guards on top of the worn out soles. However, the sole guard may be ineffective in solving the problem if the sole is already too spongy or soft. In such a scenario, the whole sole has to be replaced before applying the sole guards. If possible, it is recommendable to add the sole guards on new shoes so as to extend its durability.

Worn Out Soles

You will probably experience this problem no matter what the shoe brand is. Wearing the same pair of shoes for long period is one of the main causes of this problem. Here are the solutions to this problem.

  • There is the need to replace the sole with new ones to give the feet ample protection from injuries and infections. Resoling will definitely be cheaper as compared to buying new pair of shoes.
  • You may need to change the inner soles too if the sole has a hole.
  • In order to prevent this problem from recurring, it is recommendable to wear different pairs of shoes to avoid wearing out one of the pairs fast.

Unfitting Shoes

Most of us have at one point in life purchased a pair of shoes just to realize that they don’t fit well at home. Unfitting shoes such as wide width sandals are very uncomfortable to move around with and may even result in accidents. Improper fitting shoes can cause the following:

  • Calluses
  • Bunions
  • Corns
  • Permanent damage to feet

The best solution to this problem is carrying out modifications on the shoe either externally or internally until they fit you well. These modifications are the following:

  • If the shoes are loose, one can use heel grips, inner soles or tongue pads until they fit you right.
  • Tight shoes can be stretched up to ¼ its size in length and ½ in width.
  • The heels can be lowered.
  • Elastic knee length unfitting boots can be sewn with some leather material to increase their size.

Faded Shoes

Shoes need to be regularly cleaned using the right detergent to avoid discoloring them. However if this occurs, one can use some products such as dye to resolve these common shoe problems. In case of the shoes are made of leather, it is advisable to clean them regularly using soapy water and a soft cloth or brush so as to maintain the quality of the leather.

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It highly advised to identify the problem early enough to save money that could have been used to buy new ones once the problem is beyond repair. Remember that there is a solution to most of the common shoe problems that one may experience.