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The Cargo Furniture Company | Content Injection

Cargo Furniture is a United Kingdom based furniture manufacturing company. They make furniture for every room of every house in the UK. Their products are a little expensive but guaranteed beautiful, comfortable, and sturdy. Cargo Furniture is one of the most trusted furniture brands in the United Kingdom and they never will disappoint any owner.

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Cargo Furniture Design

Based on shape and design, you might notice their compact and regularly shaped furniture. That gives people the idea that the name “Cargo Furniture” comes from that. They make their products small and easy to store and easy to transport. You won’t have to worry about leaving behind your furniture when moving to another place because they make their furniture so easy to put in vehicles. Even some sofas and chairs have compartments under the seat for storage. Who wouldn’t think that that’s where they got their name? At least they deliver what they promise.

comfortable cargo furniture bunk bed design

Cargo Furniture uses more of the traditional and proven designs wherein the structure is basic but solid. You might also notice that most Cargo Furniture pieces are made of wood unlike glass that is fragile. Also, most structures of Cargo Furniture are upright and has less curves which are actually sturdier and more durable which makes the furniture last longer.

Where to Find Cargo Furniture

You can look through their whole array of products, from Cargo Furniture bunk beds to Cargo Kids furniture, in their online store and if uncertain of quality and comfort, you can visit one of their stores in the United Kingdom.

Here is a list of stores where you can find Cargo Furniture products:

  • Amersham
  •  Aylesbury
  •  Banbury
  •  Barnstaple
  •  Bath
  •  Bedford
  •  Bracknell
  •  Brighton
  •  Camberley
  •  Cheltenham
  •  Chichester
  •  Circencester
  •  Crawley
  •  Didcot
  •  Ealing
  •  Fairham
  •  Finchley
  •  Fleet
  •  Gerrards Cross
  •  Guildford
  •  Henley on Thames
  •  High Wycombe
  •  Horsham
  •  Kingston
  •  Leamington Spa
  •  Loughborough
  •  Marlow
  •  Newbury
  •  Oxford
  •  Putney
  •  Reading
  •  Redhill
  •  Salisbury
  •  St. Albans
  •  Sutton
  •  Swindon
  •  Taplow
  •  Thame
  •  Wantage
  • Watford
  •  Wimbledon
  •  Witney
  •  Wokingham

best cargo furniture company

You’ll surely find a showroom close to you with these stores located all over the UK.

Transporting Cargo Furniture

Transportation is something very hard when buying furniture. Taking the furniture home from the store requires manpower and a lot of room. That’s where Cargo Furniture specializes in. They make their products as easy to transport as possible. They don’t necessarily make them smaller, but they make them easy to put in cars and trucks with other pieces of furniture. They specifically make the shape regular so that no space is wasted during transportation.

Their specially designed products aren’t only good for moving, they’re also good for small spaces like apartments and condominiums. They save space without compromising design and comfort. They give you the best value for your money. They make your home prettier without making it look too closed. Also, when moving soon after buying your Cargo Furniture, you won’t have to dispose of them because of how difficult it is to take them with you. You can just stack them on top of each other and go. It’s as easy as that.

elegant cargo furniture for children


Furniture is one of the most difficult things to buy when moving to a new place. You need to look for the perfect furniture to match your house’s size and color and you also need to think of the perfect place to put your furniture. With the Cargo Furniture Company, you won’t need to worry as much. You can feel comfortable before and after you buy your furniture. Visit one of the Cargo Furniture stores and try out some of the most comfortable and beautiful pieces of furniture in the United Kingdom.

Cargo Furniture also offer other products related to furniture and home. You can find cushions for the Cargo Furniture pieces or even wall and interior decor items like elegance wooden frames, vases and bowls, bathroom accessories and so much more. Hence, expect them to be more of a complementary item for their furniture which are mostly in a classic or rustic design.