If you want something to restrain your dog without subjecting it to a lot of discomfort, you should get a Puppia dog harness. This brand of harness is made of very light and breathable material with reinforced seams – exactly the kind of harness that you will need when you are very active with your dogs. Sizing a Puppia soft dog harness is a breeze since you only have to adjust and deal with a single buckle. The harness can be put on and off effortlessly and the fit is always snug. This is very important for dogs who are known to be pullers. Other types of harness can injure a dog when they pull on the leash but with a Puppia vest dog harness, the comfortable mesh and reinforced seams around the lower neck and chest area of a dog offers just the right amount of give, without causing discomfort to the neck area of your pet. But then, why would you choose a Puppia dog harness over a regular collar?

best Puppia Dog Harness

If you are mulling on this issue, you are not alone. In fact, there are millions of dog owners around the world who are thinking exactly like you.

The Big Disadvantage of Using Dog Collars

A dog collar is the ideal choice when you are training your canine friend for drills, tricks or when attaching a dog tag, which is mandatory in several states. However, there is one huge disadvantage with dog collars and that is: they pose a serious risk to the delicate neck area of the dog, especially if it is a small breed.

best Puppia vest dog harness

The dog collar, especially the halter type, can really be uncomfortable for your pet. If they are worn very tight, they will hurt the throat as well as restrict proper breathing. In addition, the more the dog pulls away, the more the dog collar will bury into the skin. However, the worse scenario is when the collar is attached to a leash and the dog turns to one side suddenly. This action could result to severe neck injury. On the other hand, if you make an accidental jerk on the leash, you can damage the spine of your dog.

best Puppia soft dog harness

Why Use a Puppia Soft Dog Harness Mesh

For your dog’s continued protection, comfort and health, the Puppia dog harness will always be your best choice. The main advantage of the harness is that it can relieve neck strain on your dog, which usually results from running or moving around too quickly when you are attempting to control her.

best Puppia soft dog harness mesh

Since the harness fits snugly around the chest each time your dog tries to pull away, its weight is distributed evenly all over the shoulders. There is no danger of injuring the throat of your pet and certainly no choking sound. In addition, the Puppia dog harness can be cleaned easily and is very durable. A Puppia dog harness can be expected to last for many months or years.