It is imperative for all car owners to have knowledge on how to clean tires for their cars. This is because well cleaned tires not only add aesthetic value of the car’s outlook, but also make it possible for you to screen them constantly for any possible deformities such as cracks and bumps on the tire thus alleviating the instances of tire bursts that may occur while driving. No matter the type of or brand of tire you have fixed to your car, the cleaning process should always be vigorous.

tips to clean your car tires

These are tips on how to clean tires would be highly valuable to the gaining of knowledge for the easier maintenance of your car and save you from the need of constantly replacing these tires which can be a quite costly affair. They include the following:

  • Wash your car regularly or whenever you can and also the wheels or tires at the same time and start with the wheel first.
  • Use a bucket of water plus detergent to wash your wheels and tires with a soft sponge.
  • Scour your tires with a soft brush. Choose a brush whose bristles that can reach into the gaps of the wheel, so as to remove all fragments and mud collected. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Use a screwdriver or pliers to remove small stones that may be embedded between the gaps of the wheel when driving.
  • Make use of a special tire cleaner for the cleaner and new look effects. These are available in the market and come in the form of creams and sprays complete with user instructions. These creams and sprays are usually applied to help get rid of the stains on your wheels and tires and maintain the color as brand new.
  • Dry your bathed tires with a special fabricate towel which effectively dries off the whole tire.
  • Wax your tires with a special wheel waxing chemical. Waxing has the added benefits of improving the look on your car and also acts as a shield for the tires against dirt and UV light.

how to clean wheels and tires

There are a number of tire brands available in the tire markets which all differ in their levels of performance, durability and maintenance. One of the most common brands is the Doral tires which are known for their quality and amazing performance levels. The Doral tires have the following features that make their use highly beneficial to the car owner. These include the following:

  • These tires have well cut out designs to offer a tight grip of the vehicle with the tarmac during slippery conditions.
  • The traction on these tires can withstand speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.
  • They are durable and affordable.