Choosing a tie which matches a certain outfit can be a hard task. Many men find it hard to choose a tie which matches with their shirts, and in most cases just buy any ties of the same color to their shirts. They have not mastered the art of selecting the best ties for men according to the outfit to be worn. The kind of tie you put on can say quite a lot about you and help others know your personality.

fashion silk tie for men

Finding the Right Tie

Listed below are tips to guide you in purchasing the best tie to match your outfit.

  • Know the shape and the size of the tie you need

The standard length of a tie is 57 inches and this tie length is usually the safest. Choosing a longer tie can see the tie go past the waist line; which is not appealing. If you are looking for a tie whose tip will come on top of your belt buckle, go for a 3.25-3.75 inches wide tie which is 57vinches long to keep looking good. Putting on the wrong tie size makes you look outdated and may make you not to get the necessary attention. A skinny tie may however be appropriate for a night out with a girlfriend but it is not appropriate for a first job interview. You should therefore use your judgment to determine which tie suits what occasion.

  • Choose a good fabric

Ties come in a wide variety of textures and materials. The best ties for men are made of natural materials like wool, cashmere or silk. Care should also be taken when selecting a tie made of these materials because they are sometimes not 100% natural. A tie labeled 100% silk does not guarantee of its quality. There are varying degrees of tie materials but generally a heavier and tighter fabric is better.

  • Consider the construction of the tie

When you hold a good tie by the narrow end, it should not twist and turn. If the tie turns, then the material was not properly cut and that means that it won’t hung well on your neck. You should also lay the tie flat on a table to see whether it is symmetrical. You can easily know that it is not symmetrical because one side will be longer than the other. You should inspect the tie for loose threads or runs in the material. When the ties are for special occasions, for example Christmas ties, you should carefully select a flawless tie which will make you stand out of the others.

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Your personal preferences for color should be considered as well; but the color of the tie should always blend in well with the color of your outfits. Ties with a solid color are some of the best ties for men because they are both versatile and bold. You should also choose between woven ties and printed ties. Woven ties are however better because the weaving makes the texture, weight and sophistication better. Woven ties have more silk and are therefore heavier and make bigger knots when tied. They also have a vibrant look and have a better 3D look which brings out the best of you.