The best shoe brands have always been serving the customers with great accuracy, utmost comfort and precise fitting. Some known sports brands have been working on the shoes and footwear since a long time. Here you will explore some of the best shoe brands today, their exclusive products, salient features and a brief history of the company.


Nike has always been the strongest contender for this first place. The fight of Nike and Adidas is always on. According to many experts and consumers, Nike stays ahead of Adidas and all other brands because of the varieties of shoes, unique designs and purposes served by their shoes. The company was founded in USA as blue ribbon sports in 1964. The company’s headquarter is located in USA. The shoes from Nike are known for the designs, comfort and varieties. The most sought product today is the Nike Air Max 2012.

nike air max 2012 black action red white


Actually, there is no first place or second place holder in this list. You can see Adidas is just like Nike. The company has numerous designs, unique options and different purposes are served together. However, products from Adidas are known for one popular feature: durability. The shoes from Adidas are more durable than other best shoe brands available today. Adidas is a German sports manufacturing company and it was founded in 1924. The most sought product today is Adidas The KOBE TWO.


The company started as a subsidiary of a German sports brand in 1895. Now the headquarters of the company is located in the US. Shoes from Reebok are extremely popular because of the following reasons:

  • Utmost comfort
  • Delicacy they serve the users
  • Flexibility (even Nike and Adidas couldn’t outdo their performance)

The price range is a little higher and according to many, Reebok is a choice for higher-class people. The most sought product today is the Reebok Answer V.


Puma and Adidas have evolved from the same mother brand: Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. The German company was founded in 1924 and later broke apart into Adidas and Puma. Adidas has definitely performed better than Puma in the last few years and ranked high in the list of best shoe brands. However, Puma has always been favorites of some greatest sports stars. The shoes from Puma are simple and lightweight in appearance but provide heavy-duty services. The most sought product today is Speed Cat.

finest fila lightweight womens running shoes


May be many users won’t agree to Fila’s place in this list but the service quality and price range have made the contrast to push the brand in the list here. The Korean sports brand was first founded in Italy in 1911 and later in 2007, a south Korean company took over. After the major change, the company started designing high tech, comfortable, extremely flexible sports shoes that have conquered the market soon after their release. The price of these shoes is really affordable and that is why most users prefer Fila as one of the best shoe brands today. The most sought product today is Skele-toes 3.0 Coastal.

Using products from the best shoe brands is always a joyous experience. Sports starts prefer using specific brands but customized designs and signature products. Some newer brands are also trying to serve the customers with more cost-effective products. Italian brand like Saucony is definitely one of those promising brands today. You can also try the brand’s product like Saucony Peregrine. Make number of trials and try to find out what suits you most. This will help you feel comfortable, lighter and more mobile. Learning more about these brands and their special products will help you choose suitable and high quality footwear under your budget.