There are many pencils out there that are meant for preschoolers but finding the best pencil for preschoolers can be a little difficult. Read on to find out what the best pencil for preschoolers is. Below are a few great pencils that preschoolers will love.

Several Examples Of Best Pencils For Preschoolers

  • Sanford American Jumbo Pencil
    This pencil is considered to be the best pencil for preschoolers to use for many reasons. This pencil is jumbo size, which makes it very easy for a preschooler to grip. Another reason why this pencil is one of the best pencils for preschoolers is the width of it. The pencil is thick, which means it is very durable. This pencil is very hard to break, even when a preschooler tries to break it in half.

best durable pencil for preschoolers

  • My First Ticonderoga Beginner Pencil
    My First Ticonderoga is also considered to be the best pencil for preschoolers due to a few factors. One of the things that make this pencil very good for preschoolers is that it is designed to help kids with the early stages of writing. Many teachers actually prefer to have preschoolers use this pencil. This pencil will usually come pre-sharpened. This pencil is also great for kids with little hands because it is quite large.
  • Dixon Ticonderoga Laddie Tri-Write Pencil
  • This pencil is also a great pencil for preschoolers. This particular pencil is affordable but at the same time it is a quality pencil. The pencil is very easy to grip and it is equipped with a good sized eraser. These pencils also stay sharp for quite awhile, and this is good because preschoolers will not have to keep sharpening it. They can continue writing without worrying if the tip is going to become dull quickly. The pencil is also designed to reduce slipping. They are also very durable and it takes a lot to break one of them. These are all reasons why parents and kids love writing with these pencils.

great pencil grips

The above pencils are all great pencils for preschoolers to use. They are all affordable, durable and will last for a long time. These pencils are all great but they can all be a little bit better when pencil grips are placed on them.

Pencil Grip Ergonomic Writing Aid
Any standard sized pencil can be the best pencil for preschoolers to use but they can be even better when the Pencil Grip Ergonomic Writing Aid is placed on it. This is one of the best pencil grips on the market today. It is affordable and kids will love it. Preschoolers will be able to grip any pencil very easily when they use this grip. Any pencil can be the best pencil for preschoolers when they place this pencil grip on it. The pencils above are all great pencils but when they have one of these pencil grips on them, they become that much better.