The best mechanical pencil models we have today were invented to simplify the use of pencils by eliminating the task of constantly sharpening the pencil tip every time it becomes dull. These types of pencils are not only easy to use, but also fun alternatives to the common wood types because of the automatic or instant lead or tip replenishment.

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A Brief Background on Mechanical Pencils

Most individuals think that these pencils are rather new innovations since they gained market acceptance and popularity just in the recent years. The truth is they have been present for almost two centuries now. The earliest concept of which date back in 1791 after a mechanical pencil was part of the items salvaged from the shipwreck of the HMS Pandora. It is only until 1822 that the patent for the best mechanical pencil at that time was awarded to Sampson Mordan and John Isaac Hawkins who first introduced the refillable leads. The United States and Japan eventually developed or created their own versions and innovations which were all based on the original mechanical concept.

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How a Mechanical Pencil Differs from Ordinary Types

Mechanical pencils differ from their common wooden or graphite pencil counterparts in terms of the structure. The purpose, uses, and functionalities still remain the same.

The most noticeable distinction between the two concerns the physical appearance. Mechanical pencils generally look like ballpoint pens since their cases are made out plastic, metal, or similar materials used in creating ballpoint pens. Most of these pencils also take the form and style of these pens that the best mechanical pencil can hardly be distinguished when placed together with ordinary pens. Another is that instead of having the graphite or tip of the pencil sharpened, mechanical pencils only require clicking or twisting of their topmost part to push out or extend the lead refills. Also, compared to the graphite or lead part of conventional graphite pencils, the leads of the mechanical types are compact and harder, hence, they can withstand ordinary pressures or weights that may cause breakage. This improved lead features make up the best mechanical pencil for writing.

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Key Considerations When Choosing the Best Mechanical Pencil

The choice of a mechanical pencil intended for a particular writing, marking, or drawing purpose is generally dependent on the needs or preferences of the user. A certain pencil may prove the best for one person but useless for another. Nonetheless, the following are some of the key considerations to arrive at the best piece.

  • Lead Refill Diameter – A major concern when choosing mechanical pencils is the size of the pencil’s refillable lead in terms of its diameter or thickness. Refillable leads can be as thin as 0.2mm and can also reach sizes up to 5.6mm. Standard sizes range from 0.2mm to 0.9mm. The thinner ones are good for flawless writing while the thicker ones are contained in the best mechanical pencil for drawing.
  • Lead Refill Hardness – Another key consideration when it comes to the best mechanical pencil is the hardness or compactness of the refillable lead used. Not only for mechanical pencils but with the common graphite pencils as well, the general principle applies: the harder the lead or graphite, the lighter is the print; conversely, softer lead or graphite provides darker prints or marks.
  • Comfort in writing – The best pencil should not only be good technically, but also when actually put into work. It should be comfortable enough when gripped and light enough for ease of writing. Some mechanical pencils have rubber grips to provide cushioning for the fingers when in use.

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To sum it all, the best mechanical pencil should be durable enough for long term use and sufficiently comfortable for the user. It can even get better if it comes in a sleek, ergonomic design. With all the different models and wide array of mechanical pencil styles, the ultimate choice is up to you.