With prices plummeting during sales, storefronts displaying hundreds of brands, and media-fueled trends saturating the market, it can be difficult to determine the best and worst boots to have in your wardrobe. Where advertisements dictate one thing, your friends may recommend another, and still another voice at the back of your mind may be screaming for that pair of boots, like Report boots, you have been eyeing in the shop window.  Regardless of seasonal trends, there are a few pointers to help you pick the best and worst boots to have in your collection.

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Getting The Right Pair of Boots

What Not To Buy

To begin with, you should try to avoid the following hazards when shopping for new boots:

·        Eccentric, bizarre trends

Unless you are truly an eccentric person, it is best to steer clear from the monstrosities sometimes worn by celebrities. They may be all the rage today, but once they become a publicized joke next week, your brand new furry boots will be confined to the darkest corner of your closet.

·        Knockoffs

If you want natural materials, it is worth paying the extra money to get high quality boots. Cheap knockoff models will invariably wear out or break faster than their original equivalents. Remember that buying counterfeit products usually means you cannot get your money back.

·        Stiletto heels

In determining the best and worst boots to have on, you need to consider your health and comfort. As much as they enhance your posture, there is no denying that high heels can be bad for your feet. Standing constantly on tiptoe is not natural, and the higher the heel, the more uncomfortable your feet will be as they try to adapt. In addition to the damage they can cause your feet, stiletto heels can be hard to match with the rest of your outfit.

What To Buy

Now, when you know what to stay away from when heading for the shoe sale, here are three good purchases to look for when you are there:

·        Knee-high boots

These should be a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. High boots can be worn with short skirts or tucked pants for a great effect. Boots cut below the kneecap allow for greater versatility when combining outfits, but the over-the-knee boot is currently enjoying a rise in popularity.

·        Booties

Low-cut ankle boots, wedgies and booties are the essential footwear of autumn fashion, but can also be worn comfortably with long skirts or pants for a strong and elegant look. On the list of the best and worst boots to have in your wardrobe, these rank highly in the best category.

·        Wellies

This suggestion may seem a bit surprising, but wellies are trendy, comfortable, and most of all, practical. After all, what else will you wear with your raincoat? Even in good weather, you can wear wellies for a down-to-earth or playful look.

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In the end, only you can determine the best and worst boots to have in your own wardrobe, but heeding the above advice will help you avoid bad purchases and find the best boots that suit you the best.