It is unfortunate that while there are companies who are starting to appreciate and understand the benefits that a large format printer can bring to their business processes. These companies are composed of engineers, architects and designers are yet to be aware that there is a far better, less expensive and a lot quicker solution to test the forms, the fit, and the functions of their prototype designs using Roland printers.

roland DG corporation- leading worldwide professional inkjet printer provider

Features of Roland Printers

  • These printers have what you call subtractive RP systems which are able to come up with models a lot faster and far easier to use than any 3D printer you can find anywhere in the market.
  • Aside from the quality and the make, Roland printers come with a complete hardware or software solution that mixes the ease of use of 3D printers with that of the CNC-machined parts.
  • Note that SRP stands for Subtractive Rapid Prototyping and offers a much more varied choice of materials for printing, plus the resulting output has a much smoother finish, and the maintenance is cheaper.

Different Models of Roland Printers

The following Roland printers are examples of those that can print on foams, plastics and wood:

  1. MDX– 15 – includes the probe scanner for 3D scanning
  2. MDX – 20– includes the probe scanner for 3D scanning
  3. MDX – 40A – this model is G-code supported, although not required

The following models can print on foams, plastics, wood including light materials like copper, brass and aluminum:

  1. MDX – 540– this model is G-code supported, although not required
  2. MDX – 540S – S means high precision ball screws that are able to provide very high quality of smoothness on the surface of the output
  3. MDX –540A – A means that the automatic tool changer is included which is composed of 4 tools.
  4. MDX – 540SA – same as A above

In the status of our economy these days, it would be very tempting to choose a less expensive printer or ink than that of Roland, especially now with so much competition when it comes to large format printers as well as inks. There is simply too many manufacturers trying to absorb the market.

If you are a striving company who does not have enough budget for a brand new Roland printer, you may opt to choose used Roland printers and still enjoy the value and performance it makes on your designs and prints.

roland all new versacamm sp-300i inkjet printer

Where to Buy Roland Printers

There are plenty of Roland printers for sale, and as you can see here, you have a comparison of the different Roland large format printers categorized according to the materials it can print on and the price.

  • All of these models come with the software necessary for installation and use. If you order brand-new from the manufacturer, usually the cost of shipping is free, plus a warranty of its parts and labor.

You will realize eventually how Roland printers are worth your investment rather than other printer manufacturers. Definitely, it would save you thousands of dollars for repair and maintenance compared to other types of printers. It would also show the difference based on the quality of print and color that you make.