Making candles can be very easy and interesting, especially if you have the focus and determination. The main advantage of homemade candles is that you can use them both for personal and commercial purposes. Before you start making candles, you should first have the following requirement:

  • Wax and Wick
  • Molds
  • Fragrance oils and Coloring agents
  • Jars
  • Candle thermometer
  • Stove, Double boiler and Large pan
  • Water

making candles important tips and advice

Once you have ensured that you have all the necessary items, you can now start making candles.

Step 1: Decide on the Type of Wax

Step 1 is the most important step that you should take into consideration when making candles. There are a variety of wax that you can choose from such as beeswax, paraffin wax, gel wax and soy wax. The type of wax that you choose to use will greatly determine the quality of your candles.

Step 2: Melt the Wax

Place your chosen wax into a double boiler and heat it on the stove by placing the boiler inside a pan that is full of water. This indirect method of heating prevents the wax from bursting into flames or from evaporating. Let the wax melt for about 25 to 35 minutes.

Step 3: Add Fragrance Oils and Color

Addition of colors and fragrance oils is also a very important step in making candles. This enables your candles to have the most desired colors and scents. Just add a few drops of your chosen fragrance oil and color to the molten wax and stir the mixture for about 2 to 4 minutes.

Step 4: Place the Wick inside the Mold

Insert the wick slowly through the mold by making sure that a few centimeters of the wick is sticking out both at the top and the bottom of the mold. Hold the wick steadily at the top or tie it to a pin.

Step 5: Feed the Mold with Wax

This step is one of the most sensitive procedures in making candles. In order to avoid unnecessary accidents, you should be very careful. Pour the hot molten wax carefully and quickly inside the mold. Keep some little amount of molten wax for the purposes of topping up.

Step 6: Get Rid of Bubbles and Top Up

While pouring hot molten wax inside the mold, some little amount of air get trapped. You should therefore take your time to get rid of the air bubbles by breaking them with a cocktail stick or fat needle. Getting rid of bubbles will cause the wax to sink. Top up the space with the remaining wax. Let it settle for about 4 ½ to 5 hours.

Step 7: Remove Your Candle from the Mold

Take out the candle carefully from its mold. Ensure that the candle is hard enough and that the wick is sticking out properly, especially from the lighting end. Create a flat base of the candle by the use of a hot pan.

simple ways in making candles

Types and Designs of Homemade Candles

Here are some of the different types of candles that you can simply make at home.

  • Frosted Candles – These candles are usually ornamented with specially beaten wax that gives them a snowy effect. You can use them for party tables.
  • Fragrance Candles – Make these candles by adding various fragranced oils such as sandal wood, lavender or jasmine to the molten wax. In the market, there are many companies that produce these candles such as the Nest candles.
  • Ice Candle – You can make this candle by adding ice cubes on the candle’s surface in order to create holes and bubbly texture.

If you master the art of making candles well, you can be able to make any type of adorable candles that most people would adore having in their homes. Why not start your own candles business now?