Jewelry is a must have for all women. It enhances your beauty and makes you look very special. There are so many different types of jewelry in the market today that you are sure to find your favorite very easily. There is gold, silver and diamonds but on the other hands there is also the amazing, junk and cool jewelry made out of beads, feathers and so many other things.  Feather jewelry is new to the market and is coming out in the open slowly. The fact that feather jewelry is so chic and bold is making it disappear from counters like hot cakes. Here are some features of feather jewelry that are sure to interest you.

Gorgeous Peacock Feather Jewelry

Striking Features Of Feather Jewelry


  • It is extremely versatile and you will find a number of options available. Simple feather necklace, feather ear rings, feather clips, and other jewelries are just a few types of feather jewelry in the market.
  • Out of all the types, there is peacock feather jewelry that is more preferred in order to give you a bold look with the bright, vibrant colors just like peacock feathers.
  • These can be worn with just about anything. They are casual, comfortable and extremely stylish. They go extremely well with the same line of clothes. Wearing them on loose clothes gives you a carefree look. You could branch out to fancy too just because feather jewelryis also very fancy. Light colored clothes are better suited because they will contrast the boldness of this type of jewelry.
  • There are variations even in feather jewelry such as silver feather jewelry and gold feather jewelry and you can buy these to set a fashion statement in the next big party you go to. They will give you the sense of confidence women usually associate with expensive jewelry along with making you feel pretty at the same time. They also send out a very vibrant vibe which is extremely great for a party.


Simple Unique Gold Feather Jewelry

  • Feather jewelryis also not very expensive and can be easily purchased in jewelry stores or online. It may not be very famous as of yet but it is easily available. You can choose from simple feathers to feather jewelrystudded with gems to make them look precious.


There are indeed a lot of variations that one will find in feather jewelry. It all boils down to personal preference, choice and taste. You can always pair up necklaces with matching ear-rings to complete your look. You can always get creative with this kind of funky jewelry and show the world just how stylish you are in a very exotic way.