Most of us are well aware of the need for fruits and vegetables in our daily diet, but since most folks only go grocery shopping once a week at most, keeping fresh fruit on hand can be a chore. The good news is that there is a way to preserve your fruit and still reap all the benefits provided, without having to eat it fresh. This is through the process of freeze-drying and saving it for a later date without fear that it will spoil. This can be done with just about any fruit that you care to mention, but the dried mango is one that seems to be making it to the top of the lists of those who love fruit.

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Health Benefits Of Dried Mango

The reason that dried mango is among the most popular of the freeze dried fruit family is because of all the incredible health benefits that it provides. It would be easy to write page after page of those benefits, but here is a quick glance at just some of the health benefits you can derive from eating freeze dried mango.

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  • Anti-cancer – Perhaps the most positive health benefit that can be obtained by eating dried mango is the fact that it contains a high level of soluble dietary fiber. While that may not sound like anything major, the truth is that scientists have discovered a link between high fiber diets and the reduction of the risk of cancer among people who eat such a diet.
  • Putting on weight – While most people are concerned with shedding excess pounds, there are others who need to gain weight in order to be healthy. This is often the case for people recovering from illness that resulted in extreme weight loss. A freeze dried mango can contain up to 75 calories per 100 grams, which will really help those who need to pack on some weight. Of course if you are someone that is watching their figure, then you can still get all the other benefits by eating an unsweetened dried mango.
  • Digestive health – The dried mango is perfect for those people who suffer from some real digestive issues. They help to balance out acid levels in the stomach, which in turn can also lead to a drastic reduction in heartburn symptoms.

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How To Freeze Dry Mangoes

Many grocery stores now sell organic dried mango in packages in the produce section, but it can actually be a lot more cost effective to do it on your own. It’s possible to pick up a freeze drying machine relatively cheaply nowadays, but if you would rather go a little more old school you can do so by using disposable roasting tins. Clean you mango before cutting it into slices no more than a 1/4-inch thick. Pierce the roasting tins, including the lid, and lay the mango slices on the bottom, making sure they don’t touch. Place the tin in the freezer and leave for about 3-4 weeks. If the mangoes appear black then they are not yet ready, so be sure to give them another week. Once they have returned to their natural color you will have the perfect dried mango that is ready to eat.

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