Wellingtons, or simply called rain boots in America, are a type of shoes inspired by Hessian boots.  Rain boots for men were popularized during the 19th Century when the 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, instructed his shoemaker to modify his Hessian boots to make it suitable for hard-wearing battle yet still comfortable as an evening wear. Since then, these rain boots became so popular that it turned to be a fashionable trend to all members of the aristocrat in London. The first rain boots were made of leather, until around 1853 when Hiram Hutchinson introduced a water proof rubber boot specifically made for farmers. Thus this marked the beginning of the footwear company, Aigle, which is literally the very first designer rain boots for men.

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2 Major Classifications Of Boots

  1. Ankle-length BootsThe ankle-length rain boots are ideal for those who likes to dress casually. This type of boots never go out of style whatever the season is. It is trendy and can be worn all year-round because it is made to cater on different weather conditions. Even during the hot summer period, this type of boots is still appropriate to wear. Some of this type of boots though are made of leather and can be damaged during wet seasons.
  2. Tall BootsThe shaft of this type of boots extend up to about 16 inches from the ankle. The circumference of each boot opening is about 15 inches so that trousers can be tucked in it to prevent the feet to get wet. This type is the choice for industrial wear. This is also the choice for those men who have taller and thinner calves. This type of boot is mainly what comprises the different rain boots for men in the market. The most popular brand of tall boots at present is Hunter.

Rain boots for men became even more produced during the World War I when they became a requirement for battle. These rubber rain boots for men became the choice of many compared to leather Hessian boots because of their durability and ability to be impervious to water. Most of these rain boots come in a sizable amount for the reason of the materials used and the durability and effectiveness of these products.

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If your budget is a bit tight, you can still buy cheap rain boots for men by choosing an old style or an outdated design. Anyway, these would not matter anymore when the shoe gets wet. As long as these shoes fit and the price is right for your budget, then by all means purchase them because these rain boots for men will always be in handy anytime of the year. Who knows, these might even be your best rain boots yet. The most important thing is your feet will not get wet during rainy days and the rain boots have served their purpose. Make sure to consider first the comfort of your feet and not the elegance of the design.