ATV tires, all terrain vehicle tires, are tires that can be used on any terrain depending on your vehicle. These have been manufactured by Maxxis, a leading tire manufacturer who has been in the market for years. Their long experience in the dealing with customer problems have made them undisputed in the field of tire manufacturing for all customer needs. There are several types of these tires in today’s market. You should, be able to get what will serve your needs right, and when you want something cheap you should get used ATV tires.

tough and heavy duty trail tires

Types of ATV Tires

The different types available are for different purposes and functions that you can find at a discounted price. These discount ATV tires are as explained below;

  • Trail tires: these can be mistaken for mud tires, for those who have not interacted with them well. However, they are different in the sense that they are made of rubber that is tougher, they are shorter and they are closer together as compared to mud tires. These are used for the tough terrains, since they are able to handle the rough roads with absolute dexterity.
  • Snow tires: these are ATV tires made with the same patterns as snow chains. This is for them to handle the snow conditions.
  • Mud tires: as the name suggests, these are ATV tires made to handle roads filled with mud. You should consider buying these when you are travelling to areas with roads full of mud or almost like a swamp-like terrain, where you will need a strong tire for your vehicle to move.
  • General tires: these are the ATV tires that every vehicle that comes with from the manufacturer. They are meant for all round purposes, for soft and rough roads, something that makes them favorite for any average user without distinct tire needs.

gorilla silverback ATV mud tires

There are so many things that make ATV tires and rims unique from other types of tires. The first thing to note is that they are made with exceptionally high quality rubber. They can handle nearly all conditions they have been manufactured to handle. It does not matter what terrain you are driving, there are ATV tires for each and every road condition starting from Duro tires. These tires are readily available in the market. You can buy them from so many dealers, depending on who is closest to you. All you have to do is note down your budget, your needs and the nearest dealers in your place. Riding on an ATV is a different experience that can only be achieved with an excellent performance from its ATV tires.