If you live in the United States or Canada, you may have already heard about the Toto drake toilet. Toto is one of the biggest manufacturer and a market leader in plumbing products for more than 90 years. The company behind the Toto drake elongated toilet was officially established in 1917 in the country of Japan.

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It initially dealt in plumbing and sanitary items on a small scale but it continued to expand over the next several decades, taking its operation in Tokyo as well as other major Japanese cities. Then in 1980, the company established a branch in Hong Kong, which also opened the way to the international market. After ten short years, Toto opened its first operation in the United States through sensor operated faucets and 1.6 GPF toilets. In the next several years, Toto became one of the biggest plumbing companies throughout the world.

Toto drake toilet reviews constantly feature some of the best products of the company that includes:

  • Toto Drake close coupled round toilet
  • Toto Drake high performance two piece toilet
  • Toto Drake eco high efficiency two piece toilet
  • Toto SS114-#1 elongated soft close seat

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Important Specifications Of The Toto Drake Toilet:

·        G Max Flushing System

The company offers various kinds of flushing systems that include the G Max, E Max, Double Cyclone and Dual Max flushing systems. The Toto Drake toilet uses the G Max system. It is characterized by its 2 by 3 inches flush valve and wide glazed trap way, which allows for more flow. The valve and trap way draw the water quickly to the bowl and push it away with force thereby preventing any clogging. The system has a siphon jet that ensures the water stays down. A quieter and quicker flush is ensured by the 3 inch large valve.

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·        Rough In

This term refers to the measurements of a Toto Drake toilet, which you should know before installation. The rough in is the measurement of the total distance from the toilet rear to the waste outlet hole that is located on the underside of the bowl. The rough in of the Toto Drake toilet also specifies the space where the outlet is inserted underneath the toilet.  A rough in has the vital information that is necessary in knowing whether the bowl can fit properly in the designated area. The Toto Drake has a rough in of 12 inches and a width of 14 inches. The depth and height is 28 inches.

·        Weight And Other Details

The Toto Drake toilet weighs a total of approximately 89 pounds, and is available in 5 different colors which are cotton white, ebony, Sedona beige, bone and colonial white.  The chrome trip lever can be found on the left side.

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The Toto Drake toilet is the most reliable in the market today. Compared to other brands, installation is a breeze since it has no faulty seal, collapsing wax ring or misalignment. A Toto Drake toilet review can provide more information about the product.