The Epson projector range available to consumers and business customer today is vast. There are a wide variety of models made and measured to suit different customer requirements and needs. This gives the consumer a lot of choice and freedom when choosing a projector for their home or business. Epson projector equipment is renowned for its high quality, attention to detail and more so simplicity. These are the three things along side price that are important to practical customers. Epson delivers on all of these fronts, which is what makes them such a successful manufacturer and designer with the Epson projector units.

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Using An Epson Projector

Depending on the individual needs of the customer there is an Epson projector to fit the bill. For example a business client will probably want a lightweight, portable yet reliable projector that they can transport around with them. This is because business customers will probably use their Epson projector for taking round sales pitches and travelling presentations. In this case the practicality and usability of the unit will be more important than high resolution, and cinema style pictures and sound capability.

However, the home personal user of an Epson projector may be more likely to look for the higher quality features. This is because the home user can afford to lose the lightweight portable features for a heavier model with more robust graphics and a better picture quality. The increased features that come with the heavyweight models can parallel and sometimes even better the top range television sets. An ultra high spec Epson projector will sometimes be referred to as Epson LCD projector. These have vivid brightness levels that go up to 7000 lumens, this makes them visible in almost any light at the top end of the lumen range.

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This is an advantage, as with less bright projector units sometimes curtains or blinds need to be closed for proper viewing. The definition of the home range projectors can rival cinema quality projectors and home cinema televisions. It balances features with affordability, giving the consumer cinema quality for an obtainable price. Below are some of the outstanding features Epson projector models can have.

Advanced Features Of Epson Projector Models Today

  • There are now Epson projector units that have 1080p high definition picture.

  • Can have 3D capabilities

  • Wi-fi integration for video and media streaming

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An example of a unit in the home cinema range is the Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8350 projector. This Epson projector allows you to have the ambiance and feel like you’re watching in a modern cinema but at the comforts of your own home.

Ideal Uses Of Epson projectors

  • Portable business use for presentations on the go

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  • Using in class rooms or education centers

  • Creating a home cinema effect with fantastic quality picture

The Epson projector range rivals and many would say betters that of its competitors. This is because each model has been aimed at a specific market and so there are no generic units. They each balance price with features and usability to give customers what they need for the price they are willing to pay. This makes it easy for a business client to pick up a lightweight portable projector or a cine-head to pick up a technically advanced and feature packed Epson projector. The Epson projector bulbs are also long lasting and easy to find replacements for.