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Tetherball Safety Tips and Precautions | Content Injection

Tetherball is a popular game found in many schools as well as other different recreational centers. The tetherball set consists of a fixed metal pole with a rope or tether from which a ball is hanged. The game is played by two players standing on opposite sides of a pole with each player trying to hit the ball one way.

For a player to win, he must make sure that the ball is completely wrapped around the pole leaving no room for the ball to bounce. Although harmless, it is important for all to know the tetherball safety tips and precautions.

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Tips for Setting up a Tetherball Set

Proper tetherball safety tips and precautions begin with the set up. As an owner of a recreational center or as a school gym teacher, you should always have the following in mind when placing the tetherball set:

i. Recommended Court Size

Before buying a tetherball set is important to have the recommended court size.

  • Having the proper court size prevents the players from accidentally hitting each other with the ball.
  • The average size of the tetherball court is supposed to have a diameter of twenty feet.

ii. Design and Preparation of the Court

The next thing to consider is to design and prepare a court that upholds tetherball safety tips and precautions standards.

  • Most tetherball accidents happen by way of slipping and falling. To prevent this, you can have the surface of the court cemented.
  • It is also important to ensure the court has proper drainage.
  • When setting up the pole, make sure the pole is vertically placed with an average height of ten feet.
  • For tetherball safety and precautions, always ensure that the pole is properly anchored at the base to prevent it from toppling over.
  • Ensure the pole is placed two feet into the ground for proper base support.
  • It is also important for you to make sure that the length of the rope or tether is right to avoid accidents.
  • The rope should ensure that the tetherball hangs about three feet above the ground.
  • Also make sure that the rope is strong enough to prevent it from snapping when it is swinging around.

iii. Pole Setting-Up

iv. Rope Setting Up

v. Choosing Tetherballs

safety tip to enjoy tetherball

Tetherballs come in different textures and colors. Always take your time comparing tetherballs before choosing the right one. Make sure the one you get is soft enough to prevent hand injuries.

Personal Safety Tips in Playing Tetherball

The tetherball safety tips and precautions do not end with setting up the tether unit, it is also important for the players to take the following precautions;

  • When playing the game, make sure that you stand in the designated area and not to cross over to the opponents’ side. Doing this prevent the players from hitting each other with the ball.
  • To avoid hand injuries, it is advisable to push the ball instead of punching it. Always use the palm of your hand to push the ball away. In order to prevent confusing your opponent, you should use your hand to play which avoids various body injuries.

With all those safety tips in mind, you can play the game safely.