The traditional kinds of brushes that are used by most people offer an incomplete teeth cleaning experience due to the limited area that they are able to cover. The conventional brushes that are widely in use are only able to provide a basic cleaning experience and not a thorough one as they are only able to gain access to the outer surface of the teeth. The area between the teeth is completely left out in this kind of brushing which can lead to the development of oral hygiene problems. The space between the teeth, if left unclean for a long period of time, can be a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and other microorganisms and this build up may lead to dental diseases. This is why tepe interdental brushes have been developed to ensure complete hygiene and cleaning of the mouth.

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Tepe interdental brushes have been created by a company known by the same name based in Sweden. Their popularity is not only restricted to Sweden alone as they have amassed a large number of followers all over the world. Many dental experts now advise the use of tepe interdental brushes to their patients to ensure that they remain disease free. Anyone can purchase tepe interdental brushes from tepe by consulting their dentist about the size that they should go in for or by selecting the appropriate size through the online size guide on their website. The size that is chosen is very important as it should be chosen in accordance with the size of the teeth and the amount of average space between two adjacent teeth. Some people may even require two brushes in case the space between their teeth varies to a certain degree.

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The bristles of tepe interdental brushes are essentially made out of a thin metallic chord that is covered with plastic so as not to harm the gums. The plastic covering makes it safe for use by all customers. For those with extra sensitive gums, extra soft tepe interdental brushes are also available in the market. These brushes form a part of a separate line of tepe interdental brushes and are made in such a way so as to be safe for use by everyone. Interdental brushes by tepe come highly recommended these days by most dental practitioners.

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Tepe interdental brushes come with a unique handle that is easier to grip. The grip is made in such a way so that the best possible cleaning experience can be guaranteed for the users. One can easily maneuver the brush in any way while holding them with one hand. The brush can be rotated at different angles to reach all possible corners in the mouth so as to provide a complete cleaning experience.

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