A lot of kids and teens today love riding scooters. A great number of them even attempt different kinds of scooter moves. Naturally, riding a scooter can be dangerous since it is really meant to move and is therefore unstable even on the ground. Hence, you have to educate yourself first on the safety precautions when riding scooters so as to stay safe.

Scooter Riding Safety Tips and Precautions

If you plan to engage in such an
activity or hobby, take note of these important safety precautions when riding scooters:

Wear the proper gear.

In no circumstance are you allowed to ride your scooter without putting on the right kind of equipment that can provide you with extra protection, such as a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. Also, be sure to wear the proper attire such as athletic shorts or jogging pants with a suitable shirt.

safety precautions when riding scooters

Never try it barefoot.

Even if you are just playing at your backyard or garage, it is still highly recommended to always have your shoes on at all times when riding scooters. It is best to go with comfortable rubber shoes meant for sports use.

Keep away from gravel, sand, water, and the like.

Part of safety precautions when riding scooters is to avoid debris such as the ones mentioned here. Such things may cause you to slip or fall off and thus injure yourself. Included in this is also staying away from rocky and bumpy surfaces. Always choose the smooth and paved surfaces.

Watch out for motor vehicles.

When you go scooter riding with the gang, make sure to pick the proper venue where you are far away from motor vehicles. Do not do it by the roads or streets, especially the main thoroughfares where a lot of cars pass by. You can instead opt to enjoy your scooter in a basketball court, park, or similar area.

Avoid speedy rides.

Some riders like to experiment, and may attempt to go as fast as they can or to have a race with buddies. This is perilous, especially when done in downhill surfaces.

Ride your scooter during the day.

It is easier and safer to go on your scooter only during the day. If you are to take these safety precautions when riding scooters seriously, do avoid doing it at night. Your vision will not be as clear and you may miss out passing vehicles, obstructions in your path, and sudden changes on surfaces.

Avoid going over the weight limit.

Check out your scooter model for the weight limit, and never go beyond it. Sometimes, you may want to have a friend ride with you or to carry some stuff while riding. Be sure that you do not exceed the limit in these situations.

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Be aware of local traffic rules and regulations.

In case you will have to cross streets or transfer from one place to another, you should be aware of the local traffic rules and regulations. Also, watch out for pedestrians along the way.

Help children with the proper setup.

Some scooters may require some parts to be placed or set up properly. Be sure to assist kids before having them use the scooters. Also, do not allow those under the age of five to go on these scooters.

Constantly check your scooter tires.

Before you use your scooter, ensure that your scooter wheels are in good condition. There must be no blows, holes, etc. Also buy the durable ones of high quality for a safer ride.

These ten safety precautions when riding scooters are all very important and should be taken seriously before you actually engage in scooter riding.