When you think of Scottish people, the very first thing that should appear in your mind is tartan trousers and probably beautiful blankets and kilts. This plaid pattern that was invented in the 3rd century is small but used and known by the whole world.
Nowadays, the plaid pattern has great usage in the world’s fashion. Celebrities can be seen in them. They usually vary in the amount of stripes and color; however, the pattern is always vertical bands or crisscrossed horizontal.

skinny fashionable tartan trouser

There are two types of tartan trousers, and these are:

1. Conventional

The trousers can be worn in any occasion whether informal or semi-formal and as the normal one, it has pleats at the front, pockets, standard belt loop or wider for a kilt belt, side tabs.

2. Trews

Trews differ from the normal trousers. They are designed for evening wear. They are usually tight in the leg; however, nowadays they can be customized depending on individual taste. They normally sit higher on the waist hence the need to use suspenders. They can be worn with boots.

Tartan dress pants buying guide

Any well dressed person needs a tartan pants and this buying guide will certainly give you details you need to find pants that will make your life complete and perfect your style.


Check on the fabric used according to your needs. Cotton may be the excellent choice for tartan pants for both men and women especially in the hot and warm weather. You can wash them at home and unlike the wool you do not clean them once you wear them.

Pleated front

Do you know that pleats work well with larger thighs and for the big-bodied? Maybe one or two pleats can give a classic elegant look; however, it requires cuffs. Similarly, a flat front pant is the modern style for slim men that do not accommodate those with large thighs.

deluxe tartan trouser

Before getting your own tartan trousers, here are some tips for you:

* In case you want to overcome your height disadvantages when attending an interview or going out for a date, avoid mens tartan trousers. Tartan trousers with horizontal lines don’t belong perfectly to some of these occasions since the belt is horizontal.

* Very few people do look good with tartan plaid trousers. One thing that many should understand is that tartan pants are not for everybody and if you are not careful you will end up looking like you are grandma’s outfit. The only way to wear the trousers is to wear them skinny, which is not the thing of people with bulky legs.

* Avoid bringing over your crazy bling jewel and hats. Tartan outfit is best when kept to the minimal since the plaid will work. Stay away from dull and mundane colors especially for womens tartan trousers.

Tartan trousers and patterns are still recognized today and if you are a lover of Celtic culture and myth, you might as well get yourself one today.