Workout Mix

Working out can be much more fun these days. According to recent studies and it is proved that listening to fast paced and rhythmic music can enhance a person’s athletic prowess. Though it is not a surprise that workout mix would be a great companion for a person who likes exercises but it has now been established through a research that it is true. There were some volunteers who participated in this research. They were asked to run on a stationary trade mill. One half of the people’s music was slowed down by a considerable 5 – 10% while the others received music at a 10% faster rate. They were obviously not informed about this change and yet this change in music directly affected their running performance.

Best Workout Mix

A good workout mix does not mean that it reduces effort in fact according to the research carried out workout mix only urges and helps the person working out to push themselves even more to workout harder. Here are a few tips that can be given on coming up an appropriate workout mix playlist.

Tips In Creating The Right Workout Mix

  • Firstly, one should choose foot tapping fast tracks as a part of their workout mix. This helps a person in exercising more and putting more effort into it.

  • Ideal workout mix music should have music which have beats of around 120 – 150 per minute. But counting these beats per minute can be a real difficulty. Hence old fashioned techniques like tapping one’s feet to the ground are the best way to go about things.

  • In terms of getting help, there are plenty of software’s who can do this job like BPM Assistant can help one out. Hence, you can also find numerous guidelines online such as this one.

  • Then one can take the help of iTunes or other related application for sorting out the tracks in the right order of their BPMs.

How to categorize the workout mix and setting the right order?

good workout mix

  • Hike along with an iPod lets a person assign from their workout music playlist the songs with highest number of beats.

  • A high tempo song is normally chosen to be played while a person is either starting off or when the person is close to the end of their session.

  • When one is running on a trade mill at a steady speed then it is comparatively much easier for a person to chronologically select their songs.

  • But when one is trekking then one would obviously require those power songs for those moments when one is hitting a hill or any other varied incline.