How To Make Color Coded Dowels From Wood

A dowel is a solid, cylindrical rod that can be made using metal, plastic or wood. It is known as a dowel rod while in its original, manufactured form but can be cut into shorter versions known as dowel pins. Wooden dowels are the most popular and they can even be painted to create color coded dowels. Dowels can be used for many purposes including:

  • Support for wedding cake tiers
  • Furniture shelves support
  • Wrap for cable or textiles
  • Reinforcing cabinets
  • Support for hanging items like picture frames

color coded hardwood squares

How to Make Color Coded Dowels made From Wood

Dowels are typically made by industrial dowel machines because of the volumes. Color coded dowels can be made by painting the ready-made dowels. However, if you want to make your own wooden or color coded dowels at home, it is not an impossible task. You will need a router table, a table saw and of course enough wood. It is also advisable to spare ample time for this process and take safety precautions because you are dealing with power tools.

Here are the steps in making your own color coded dowels.

  • Using a miter saw, make a 40 inch piece of wood. It can be longer or shorter but this is a good size.
  • Set the fence on the table saw to the dowel size you need.
  • Rotate the wood as you cut so as to end up with a square piece.
  • On the router table, set the roundover router bit and adjust the fence so that it is even with the router bit. However, you must leave the complete radius of the bit exposed.
  • Ensure the bit is well set by passing scrap wood through the router table.
  • Mark 2 inches from both ends of the dowel material. Pass the wood through the dowel table, stopping at the 2 inch mark and cutting it.
  • Run the wood through the router again after rotating 90 degree and repeat for the remaining sides.
  • Use the miter saw to cut the ends of the dowel rod where it is not round.
  • Sand the dowel lightly for a good finish.

color coded wooden dowel

Once the dowels are finished, you can either paint or stain them. Painting may be the easier option if you need quick results and if you don’t have the dye. This process is pretty simple. Just paint your dowel with the color you desire but rubbing it before with sand paper may make the wood surface easier to paint. If you are going to paint, invest in a quality brush preferably with synthetic bristle to avoid leaving ugly brush strokes on the painted dowel. Optionally, you can just spray the paint but do it in a well-ventilated area and wear a mask if possible. Color coded dowels are not only useful but cute to look at and can be used creatively as décor for your home or office. Why not go ahead and get yourself one of these dowels anytime?

Engineered Wood – The Better Choice

Classic never comes out of style. Wood is one classic addition to any houses. A wood adds warmth, comfort, and character to the interior design of your house. An engineered wood is one good example of a material that can turn a simple structure into a timeless creation. An engineered wood is used in several applications, may it be for industrial construction, commercial buildings and even simply for home structures. It is typically made of soft woods and hardwoods that are also used in manufacturing lumbers.  Other wood waste and sawmill scraps can also be used to manufacture engineered woods.

Solid wood products are totally different from engineered woods although a lot of people can’t identify their differences.  An engineered wood is used in a lot of ways and is always the preferred material over solid woods. Engineered wood floors bring a natural finish and still looks like solid board but are in fact more reliable and firm. As for stairs, spiral cut wooden dowels can be a good alternative for iron scrollwork.

engineered hardwood flooring

Why Engineered Wood is Better Than Solid Woods?

  • Engineered wood is more stable and is more resistant to moisture that is why it is often used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other moisture prone areas of the house or of the commercial premises.
  • It is more sustainable.
  • Using just basic skills with ordinary tools, Engineered wood panels are easy to work with.
  • Engineered woods are designed for natural strength and rigidity.
  • Engineered woods are man-made, therefore, it can be designed to meet specific requirements for its application.
  • Most engineered woods have more design selections without messing its structural requirements.
  • It also provides natural beauty of wood adding warmth and tenderness to the appearance of the finished work.
  •  Choosing engineered woods can actually help the environment since it man-made and a natural flooring solution.
  • It can contract and can expand like a solid wood.

sienna hand scraped oak engineered wood

Available Types of Engineered Wood

Engineered woods offer a unique look of wood that will add character and lightness to any room. It is highly stable and is easy to clean. It will surely add value to your homes. Engineered woods have a lot of types of products that you can use for construction. Plywood is one of the most popular and is also known as the original engineered wood product. It is made from pieces of a cross laminated veneer attached together , manufactured under the heat and pressured with durable adhesives. Another example is the glued laminated timber which is made of some layers of timbers glued together by a moisture resistant adhesive mostly used as horizontal beams and vertical columns. The other popular products are the Roof trusses, I Joists, Laminated strand lumbers, Cross-laminated and parallel strand lumbers.

Most people dream of a house that can give them peace of mind and that warm feeling. Most people would definitely agree that wood structures can provide what most people are looking for.  Engineered wood if utilized properly can provide you the effect of a natural wood that will bring such beauty and elegance.

Making A Wise Choice With Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is used by most manufacturers due to its demand on the market. There are so many out there who like the elegance and class portrayed by the use of wood veneer. There are so many attractive features of wood veneer that prove irresistible to anyone looking for home or office furniture.

high quality art wood veneer

Important Features

There are other materials like wood and plastic, which can also be used. However, the following features and advantages of wood veneer set it apart and in its own level;

  • Veneer portrays a classy look. This is one of its major advantages that make it hard to compare it with other materials.
  • Wood veneer is lighter than the regular wood. It is easy to come up with different designs. This feature also makes it cheaper than regular wood, since it is economical and easy to get than regular wood.
  • A major advantage of wood veneer is that when regular wood is cut into wood veneer sheets, it is eco- friendly. This makes it great for any use unlike using plastic which is has negative environmental impact for years.
  • It has the ability to be fit with other types of wood in order to provide major strengths to the furniture being produced. A good example of this is self adhesive wood veneer.
  • With good wooden dowels, wood veneer is easy to reinforce their joints. This leads to high quality future either for your office or your home.
  • Wood veneer is highly available. This gives room to allow for other trees to grow and not cut down trees every time there is the need to produce new furniture. It is, therefore, preferable to use them as an alternative material for plastics or hard wood.

Wood Veneer Pattern

For full satisfaction with the kind of furniture that has been developed for you, there are four patterns amongst which you can choose a favorite. These patters include;

  • diamond matched – Diamond matched is where the pieces are arranged in diamond shapes
  • slip matched – Slip matched is where the veneer pieces are arranged in the same way that they are brought out
  • radial matched -radial matched patter is where the veneer’s final piece is made of joined wedged shape pieces.
  • book matched – Book matched patter is where the pieces are arranged in a pattern that brings about a book illusion.

inexpensive alternative wood veneer basics

There are so many reasons as to why you should use wood veneer or wood veneer panels when coming up with your furniture. However, the main reason as to why you should is because of the final elegant, classy and stylish furniture that you will get at the end of the day. Do not hesitate, use wood veneer come up with home or office furniture.

Reclaimed Wood – Going Green with Quality

Reclaimed wood, as the name suggests refers to wood that is being taken for reuse after being used a first time. More often than not, this wood is usually gathered from houses, buildings or simply structures that are either being demolished or refurbished. Reclaimed wood is quite popular today, and this is especially so with the advocacy for green building that is going on today.

rustic modern reclaimed wood coffe table

Characteristics of Reclaimed Wood

The following are some of the properties of reclaimed wood that have made it popular today;

  • It is of higher quality as compared to fresh wood
  • It has a high degree of aesthetic appeal
  • It is strong and durable
  • It is antique or has a natural vintage look.

Recommended Safe Surfaces

There are several applications of reclaimed wood, one of them being the reclaimed wood flooring and reclaimed wood furniture. This kind of flooring is recommended by doctors, especially for individuals with respiratory complications like asthma, or those with back problems. This is because reclaimed wood is remarkably healthy, and apart from being beautiful, it cuts down on the allergies brought about by other types of floors. The floors that are made using reclaimed wood are also quite stable and dense, making them immensely safe and functional.

What are Wooden Dowels

Another application for reclaimed wood is the wooden dowels. These are cylindrically shaped pieces of wood that are quite handy for their versatility. Some of the common uses of the wooden dowels include the following;

  • As support for hanging items
  • As a core, for wrapping cables and wires around
  • As a shelf support

Uses of a Reclaimed Wood

The fact that reclaimed wood is strong and durable is what makes it suitable as raw material for the making of the wooden dowels. In the spirit of green building, whilst making furniture, refurbishing an old building, or even while putting up a new building all together, reclaimed wood beams come in particularly handy. This is because using this kind of wood gives one the satisfaction of knowing that no trees have been felled for a purpose that could be avoided. Below are some of the countless applications of reclaimed wood;

  • Making furniture
  • Flooring
  • Panelling
  • Cabinet lumber

contemporary stool on reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is the way to go, especially with the environmentally conscious world that we live in today. Any chances of recycling are highly encouraged as it promotes awareness and conservation of the environment.

Discover The Wooden Dowels

Wooden dowels are solid cylindrical and small rods that are made of, well… wood. In its initial form they are called as dowel rods, which are then cut into shorter lengths that are referred to as dowel pins. They have various applications that include toy axles, gymnastic grip detents, cabinet structural reinforcements and tiered cake supports.

natural woodcraft dowels

Uses Of Wooden Dowels

Other uses include the following:

  • Shelf support for furniture
  • Moveable game pieces
  • Hanging supports for key rings, toilet paper dispenser, picture frames, clothing and tools
  • Core for wrapping textiles or cable

Although they are not usually seen, threaded wooden dowels and other types of wood dowels have great impact in our daily lives. They can be present somewhere, from the house you are living in to the chair you are sitting on. Wooden dowels might be tiny and unappreciated but they are not insignificant.

hardwood sealed dowels

How Wooden Dowels Are Made

In general, dowels that are made out of wood are shaped on special dowel machines, although in the past, they are most probably manufactured by hand. Modern dowel machines utilized cutting heads of varying dimensions, which are interchangeable, to produce minuscule to large wooden dowels. Each type may differ in shape and diameter.

  • Basically, an industrial dowel machine for manufacturing wood dowels has a hollow clamp or chuck that have cutting knives angled into the machine.
  • The material is passed through the machine, which then cut it into shape.
  • The inward facing knives can turn an unassuming and simple wood into a vital and versatile tool at a very fast rate.
  • Usually, the wood dowel machine is incorporated with an open end. Lengthy material guides are situated on both the entry and exit points of the machine, which allow a long and continuous dowel rod to be created.
  • This is then cut into desired lengths.

creative street wooden dowels

However, this is not the only process that is followed in making wooden dowels for crafts and other applications. Other manufacturers turn out high volume of dowels through a wood shaper. This process creates numerous dowels from one piece of wood through the use of a couple of revolving cutting heads. These create dowels side by side at the same time. The parallel rods are then cut into the required pieces.

Aside from their basic benefits, wooden dowels are also used by specialized woodworkers and builders. These artisans pride themselves on making all wood constructions, even in this modern era. They make anything from cabinets to wood furniture to cottages and log cabins by using nothing except wood. As opposed to what others believe, although their method of working on wood is in fact homage to the proud tradition of woodworking throughout history, this manner of joining materials is simple but effective. In fact, it can be considerably more effective than screws and nails.

artistic wooden dowel pins

Thus, wooden dowels are really small things, which prevent the world from falling apart, and that is not an exaggeration. Many of the items that people use each day depend on these tiny dowels to keep themselves together.