Versatility Of Modern Day Tuxedo Pants

Tuxedo pants are originally men’s wear on formal gatherings such as anniversaries, wedding celebrations and formal company conferences. They often match it with a tuxedo jacket that varies from form to form depending of the structure of the wearer’s body. They have this so called rule of the thumb that tall men wear tuxedo jacket with tail which matches the tuxedo pants and short men should were the normal tuxedo jacket without the tail.

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During weddings, men wear a silk waist band over their tuxedo pants with the color motif of the occasion. This look works perfectly for the groom and his groom’s men. This makes a picture perfect entourage.

With fashion innovation and women’s fight for equality, tuxedo pants for women are now available. It is different from tuxedo pants for men since the cut can be slim, wide, legging-like, or the classic pleated pants. Many Hollywood icons are wearing tuxedo pants on formal gatherings that look as regal as a long dress on the red carpet. Pantsuit with a formal jacket makes a very sexy style.

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Tuxedo Fashion Tips

Tuxedo pants are more relaxed in terms of pairing these days. Before, it is a strict rule that the jacket should match the pants. Today, mix and matching are allowed with the formal pantsuit. Here are few tips to try:

  • Silky Feel

Silk tuxedo pants look very irresistible. Both men and women can enjoy the shiny texture of a silk tuxedo pants. Women silk tuxedo pants are gorgeous even in other bright colors such as yellow, bright red and olive green. The cut can be wide or slim. Wide silk tuxedo pants are best worn with slim tanks if you are tall and slim. A Grecian inspired asymmetrical blouse that matches the color of the pants makes a very adorable combination. This match can be worn on formal occasion. Silk slim tuxedo pants for women can be very funky and comfy. Pair it with high heeled strappy sandals and a right amount of confidence. That will make you a total beauty.

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  • Velvet It Up

The only thing that differentiates the formal and the rugged is not the cut but the cloth. Velvet is a very royal texture. You can wear velvet womens tuxedo pants on very formal parties. But, be very discriminating in choosing velvet. It can exaggerate unwanted bulges. You might want to wear a proper shapes wear before jumping into a velvet tuxedo pantsuit.

  • Iconic Stance

The famous Le Smoking tuxedo pants works perfectly for anyone. It gives slimmer figure, longer legs and sexier stance. Wear it with high heeled pumps. The blouse can be anything depending on where you are planning to go. You can wear it on a client meeting, corporate presentation and even date night. It is very versatile and functional that can work with you in all of your occasions. It is a good investment on your wardrobe. The icon Sarah Jessica Parker once wore it in one of the most celebrated episodes of the Sex and The City, where she looks as sensual as wearing a black mini dress.

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Tuxedo pants are not only men’s formal essential today. It has also invaded the women’s wardrobe. With many different cuts and texture, women are able to mix and match many items to enhance the beauty of the tux. Unlike the old days where dress code of matching is very strict, tux can be match with anything that goes well with it. Both men and women can enjoy the exciting experience of looking for the perfect item on their wardrobe to match with their tuxedo pants.