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Why Soft Drinks are Not Healthy for Your Kids

These days, a lot of kids are becoming addicted to different carbonated drinks of varying flavors. Soft drinks, in particular, are very popular especially during the hot weather. They can easily quench one’s thirst and provide a refreshing sensation. They are also very accessible and are promoted everywhere in diverse forms of media. Hence, kids are more likely to want them even more and to be able to drink them as they wish. This is why parents like you should learn about why soft drinks are not healthy for your kids.

what kids love about soft drinks

What Kids Love About Soft Drinks

Before delving into why soft drinks are not healthy for your kids, it is important to understand first why kids adore soft drinks so much. Soft drinks and other carbonated softdrinks are sweet to the taste, which is why children are generally attracted to them and prefer them over healthier alternatives. Besides, the colorful and fun packaging and advertisements of these drinks are really appealing to kids, encouraging them to keep taking in such carbonated softdrinks.

The refreshing feeling and great taste of soft drinks, plus the fact that it provides a boost of energy, are all reasons behind the love of kids for this kind of drink.

The Harmful Effects of Soft Drinks

Why soft drinks are not healthy for your kids is very crucial to know, especially if your own children are already getting attached to these drinks. It is also good to find out about the harmful effects of soft drinks, so as to help your kids avoid them in the first place as they are growing up.

Here are the most common and well-known harmful effects of soft drinks:

1.)    Because of the high content of sugar and artificial sweeteners, kids can suffer from obesity and this may also lead to related health problems. The sugar content, combined with the acid, also cause teeth cavities.

2.)    Such carbonated softdrinks often contain 40-50mg of caffeine, which is a significant amount for kids. This may cause problems in sleeping, dehydration, and headaches.

3.)    There are also some food coloring used in these soft drinks, which can be carcinogenic.

4.)  Furthermore, other substances found to be in such drinks also cause other harmful effects. For example, fructose contained in them may lead to irritable bowel syndrome. In addition, the preservatives utilized in the ingredients like sulphites may even be a trigger for asthma.

most not recommended drink in children

Shifting to Healthier Drinks

Now that you understand better why soft drinks are not healthy for your kids, you should outline your plan on how to shift your children to healthier drinks. The earlier you get them into this habit, the better. It will be quite a challenge, though, for those with kids who are already addicted to carbonated softdrinks. However, it is still doable.

Here are some tips on how to shift your kids to healthier drinks:

1.)    Remove all traces of soft drinks inside your house and try to stock up more on healthy juices, milk, and the like. You and other members of the family should be seen taking these drinks regularly too.

2.)    Let your kids bring healthy drinks to school, along with their snacks. At the same time, do not give extra money that will allow them to buy carbonated softdrinks outside. If possible, suggest to the school to offer only healthy drink options in the canteen.

3.)    Explain to your kids the harmful effects of soft drinks. It would be good to show them pictures and videos that can really discourage them from drinking these.

4.)    Give them small rewards for sticking to a healthy diet.

5.)    From time to time, allow them to have a limited amount of soft drinks during parties and special occasions.