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All You Need To Know About Web Belts

The web belt is a kind of adjustable belt that is incorporated with brass buckles, D ring buckles or open face buckles. The design first appeared and was firstly known as the military web belt. It is not only great for military or other kinds of uniforms and camouflage clothing but also for casual attires. It is light in weight, comfortable and available in various sizes and colors. Today, the web belt is widely used in a fashion sense with the help of its proven function and the availability of trendier styles and designs.

best Web Belt

The web belt buckles are specifically manufactured to meet the requirements of military web belts. They are fastened to the end of a strap or belt and can be tightened if needed. The web buckle for the web belt says a lot on the character of a person and has a fashion that is unique to it. It can be constructed from a wide variety of materials, colors and designs, and can be a trendy accessory that could be worn with various fashionable outfits.

How It Works

The buckle for the web belt is designed with hollow rectangular box made from metal or plastic, in which the cloth cord goes through. When you fasten the belt, a pin that is as long as the cord width is pushed up from its groove and holds the belt through an increased amount of friction, preventing the cord from going further into the box. This contrivance takes away the need for belt holes, which is common in other belt designs. The buckle mechanism also allows you to correct the belt to your exact size, since there are no holes that will limit the adjustments.

enhanced military web belt

At present, there are plenty of manufacturers that specialize in creating the most durable and fashionable web belt buckles. They are called in a wide variety of names that include, tactical pouched gear, USMC official utility buckles, and combat attire.

Features Of Web Belts Today

So how will the web belt compare with other kinds of belts today? Below are some of the notable features one can observe from these belts.

  • Fashionable Print and Color Designs – web belts that are made from cotton canvas are durable and can be hand or machine washed. There is a variety of gold, black or chrome buckles that can be used for the belts and you can interchange them easily for an elegant look. Web belts have never gone out of fashion. And since they last a lifetime, buying a web belt would ensure that you will have a fashionable accessory for years to come.

army web belt buckles

  • Great Way Of Adding Personal Style – an essential summer fashion accessory, web belts such as the Patagonia Tech web belt is great for adding a personal style to your attire. A lot of options are available on the market and some can be bought on sale for fewer than ten dollars.

reliable patagonia tech web belt

  • Wide Variety of Options – the web belt allows you to play with colors although you should avoid too much matching. A button down in light blue would look great with a dark blue belt while a khaki shorts or other neutral but solid colored button downs would look nice in a green and orange web belt. A pink polo can be paired with neutral colored shorts with matching madras web belt.

Web belts are indeed a must-have fashion accessory today. They are great additions to any casual attire for both men and women.