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All About The Vent Free Gas Fireplace

Vent free gas fireplace units are a useful way of installing gas heating in a home without having to worry about the complex hassle of creating a vent system. Traditional gas fireplaces have a vent to carry out fumes to the outside to stop risk of poisoning or health damages. With traditional gas fireplaces dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide can be produced and so they have to be taken out of the housing environment. The question is often brought up as to how vent free gas fireplace units actually work?

the most descent type of vent free gas fireplace

How Vent Free Gas Fireplaces Work?

Surely they will also produce dangerous gasses that need to be extracted as it’s the same chemical fuels being burned? Vent free gas fireplace units produce an extremely hot burning flame, this causes what is known as full fuel burning. This basically means that the vent free gas fireplace logs are burned at such a high heat that the carbon monoxide levels are reduced greatly. They release a much less dangerous level of carbon monoxide than standard gas fire logs.

On top of this high burn level to reduce the level of carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals there are oxygen sensors fitted. This basically reads the level of oxygen in the air, if and when the level of carbon monoxide gets dangerous it cuts off the gas supply. In addition to this consumers are advised to have carbon monoxide detectors active in their home. This advice goes for any home with gas burning utilities as it is always a risk that needs to be managed.

standard inserts on vent free gas fireplace

The vent free gas fireplace will cause extra moisture in the air in the house. This is because the moisture is usually vented out; but in this case it has nowhere to go. This can be advantageous if your house has low humidity. However if you do not vent your house with opening windows the moisture will probably show up in the form of condensation.

The vent free gas fireplace inserts can be installed in a standard stone fireplace or a specialized fire box made to house the insert.

first class logs used in vent free gas fireplace

Vent Free Gas Fireplace Safety Tips

  • Keep flammable objects clear of the direct heat coming out of the fireplace insert.
  • Never close fireplace covers or doors during gas combustion, this is extremely dangerous.
  • Vent free gas fireplace logs should be monitored whilst burning, never leave them burning for a long time unsupervised or overnight.
  • Always read the safety instructions and follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. If you do not it can be very dangerous and costly.
  • Keep rooms slightly ventilated, this can be done with the opening of doors and windows to let air draft through occasionally.
  • Check that your housing or council agreement allows you to install vent free gas fireplace units. They are not allowed in some districts or housing schemes as they pose a higher health risk.

elegant vent free gas fireplace and easy to use

Vent free gas fireplace units are very useful for confined spaces or rooms which are not near external walls. It can be very tricky and troublesome to correctly and safely install a vent for a traditional gas fireplace. It is really one of the modern solutions for your heating needs today.