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Tips on Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

Your vacuum cleaner is definitely the hero of your house. It keeps your house clean but that does not mean that vacuum cleaner cleaning is not important. If you want your cleaner to have a long life and stay efficient for years to come, you have to give a thought to vacuum cleaner maintenance too. If you simply clean or empty them once in a blue moon, efficiency will decrease majorly. Here are a few steps of vacuum cleaner maintenance that you should carry out every time you vacuum the house.

Maintenance of Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Check the pipes for any blockage. Blockage can cause a lot of problem and thus, clearing the blockage then and there will be wise. You should not try sucking up larger things with your vacuum cleaner because this will only increase blockage risks.
  • If your vacuum cleaner shows a problem in suction, check the brushes and see if they are clear. Cotton, long hair and the likes can cause problems when they are stuck to the brushes. Clear them off for better suction.
  • If you have cleared the brushes and the suction is still not okay, you should take a look at the filters. Check the manual for vacuum cleaner maintenance to learn about cleaning filters. You need to be careful and if there is a major problem, you might have to replace the filters. If you use your vacuum cleaner a lot, it would be advisable to have an extra set of filters handy.
  • The power cable of the vacuum cleaner probably has the hardest life. This is because the cable gets caught everywhere right from the door to the furniture. You might even step on it at times. All these can make your power cable crack. Any cracks on the power cable insinuate immediate replacement. Cutting the cracked portion and refitting is a temporary solution only.
  • If your cleaner is overheated, it will turn off automatically. Check all the obvious regions for fault such as brushes, pipes and filters and also the power cable to see if it is damaged.
  • Empty the bag often so that your cleaner is never loaded. If it is overwhelmed with dirt, it won’t work properly.
  • The nozzles and tools that you use must be of a wider range so that you reach even the harder places of your house. There are various attachments specific for particular areas. You can’t use the same attachment for your floor and your curtains.

Tips in Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning

Before even thinking of vacuum cleaner maintenance, it is important to buy the right brand of vacuum cleaner such as the Bissell Cleanview Helix in order to reduce the risk of damage and for more efficiency. No matter which cleaner you end up buying though, the basic vacuum cleaner maintenance rules stand true for all cleaners.