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Uses of Aluminum

Aluminum is a very popular metal because of some features that makes it stand out from the rest of its metal counterparts. Nobody gets to survive a day without using the products from this metal. Aluminum is that silvery-white metal that has recycling characteristics which has been taken advantaged to some extent the meet the daily needs of everyday life. It is no surprise that there are many uses of aluminum starting from the house to public conveniences.

typical uses of aluminum

A Closer Look at Aluminum

Aluminum is the third most abundant metal in the face of the Earth. Aluminum metal is very chemically reactive that it is found in over 270 minerals combined. It is lightweight and has a high resistance to corrosion which makes it a popular material in construction and structural projects. Here are its physical characteristics that enable the uses of aluminum to some substantial extent;

  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Ductile
  • Malleable

Uses of Aluminum at Home

Even if you leave in a cave you still can’t get away from aluminum. Aluminum is your primary material used in the kitchen. Your window frames and door knobs are made of aluminum and if not, your furniture will have at least the structure behind those luxurious leathers and cushions. Its lightweight and durable characteristics make it a popular material for any item inside a house.

In Transportation

The uses of aluminum in transportation are very diverse. It is not only limited to cars but all types of transportation is using the aluminum sheets. Ship construction is counting on aluminum to finish its hand rails and kitchen finishes among others. The wings of an aircraft also depend on the resiliency of aluminum to withstand high air pressure and different weather elements. And of course, the major components of an automobile are made of aluminum. From its engine blocks to its door panel aluminum easily resists corrosion and keeps the overall aesthetic of the car in top condition.


There is no other better way to pack those drinks and foods with aluminum can. Aside from glass bottles and plastic, the uses of aluminum in food preparation and packaging are a common scene. At times, aluminum is the only practical solution for packaging especially when the goods are meant to be transported in distant places where countless bumps are expected before the goods arrive so in order to preserve the quality of the goods, they rely on the durable characteristic of aluminum.

aluminum foil for food preparation


Uses of Aluminum in Construction

Aluminum is widely use during and after construction. Every building uses aluminum for their pipes, tubing and stampings among others. Construction workers rely on aluminum ladders while the shutters and railings are all counting on aluminum.

Realizing the important applications and uses of aluminum makes it one of the most essential metals to have been discovered. It is very consistent and dependable that NASA chooses to use these materials for their outer space missions. Aluminum is clearly the metal of the future, just one look at it and you will be convinced that it is well worth the choice.

Uses Of Aluminum Today

Aluminum is probably the most exploited of all metals. It has so many applications that coming up with a list is almost impossible. Aluminum finds uses in almost every field right from the industry to the household. It has many uses and the main reason why it is so widely used is that it is available in plenty and is economical. Here are some of the most common uses of aluminum today.

Different Use of Aluminum Alloys

The Numerous Uses Of Aluminum

  • This metal finds applications in packaging food items. It is used in making foils and cans along with drink cans and foil containers. It is used widely in the food industry because aluminum infused packaging is more resistant to contamination and promotes longer shelf life. This property comes very handy while packaging and transporting food items. This is thus one of the most common uses of aluminum.
  • The compound made from aluminum, aluminum borohydride is one of the major ingredients in jet fuel. Thermite is also an aluminum compound which is used in exothermic welding.
  • In the house, you will see numerous items made from this metal such as utensils, cutlery, watches, baseball bats and other items. They are all very useful items and are made from this metal. Pots and various pans are also made from aluminum mainly because this metal is non-toxic and does not cause any harm.

Aluminum Alloys Utensils

  • Wiring is usually made from a combination of copper and aluminum and sometimes only aluminum.
  • Parts of automobiles like bicycles, boats, trains, trucks, cars and even airplanes are objects make uses of aluminum compounds of all sorts.
  • Aluminum is used in electronics because it can absorb heat energy very well. It prevents overheating by absorbing heat.
  • Aluminum alloys are mainly used in making currency coins in many different countries.
  • Super pure Aluminum is used to make CDs and different electronic equipment.
  • Sailing ship masts and street lights are also made from this metal.
  • Aluminum Borate is a compound that finds uses in manufacturing ceramics and glass.
  • Since Aluminum is very flexible and has amazingly high tensile strength, it is used in transportation. Sheet aluminum is used in the construction of truck trailers, etc.
  • There are many different compounds of Aluminum that are used for water purification, paper and paint, manufacturing, antacid tablets, and more.
  • Aluminum is waterproof and is thus used in industries to keep liquid away from some equipment. The fact that it reflects light and heat and is semi-conductive also makes it one of the most important metals used in industries.

These are only a few of the many uses of aluminum. As aforementioned, one can list out uses of aluminum in almost every field.