Various Types Of Thongs To Choose From

Thongs have become very popular form of inner wear for the modern woman. This is because they are light and convenient and they do not show over the clothes. As clothes get more and more form fitting and body hugging, one cannot afford to wear regular undies with thermal pants as this will bring great shame. This is why thongs have become a hot favorite. There are several types of thongs and listed below are some of them.

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Types Of Thongs

  • Lace Thongs
    These are very popular especially for those women who wear pants. This is because they never show over the clothes and they are also great intimate wear. They give a very sexy image and they are a hot favorite for evenings out for most women. Lace types of thongs usually have a mesh rear to ensure that they are as inconspicuous as possible. They are also modeled to hug the body as closely as possible. There are several kinds of lace including the eyelet lace and the flowery lace.
  • Cotton Thongs
    Apart from their comfortable nature, cotton thongs are very convenient for all day wear. These types of thongs are greatly absorbent and they do not cause uncomfortable friction. Cotton thongs are most commonly worn as bikini bottoms for the beach. The cotton will mostly be combined with a little lycra or any other elastic material for stretch. They are however very particular on size because they cannot stretch as much so getting a good fit is essential.
  • Silk Thongs
    For a long time silk thongs have been the most expensive of all lingerie with brands like Victoria Secret greatly capitalizing on this. Silk is a great material that gives the ultimate comfort and luxury feel. All women who value their sense of style love silk panties especially the thongs. White silk thongs are very desirable and they give a good feel. It is not easy to get silk thongs and they are definitely not made for the low end market although nowadays they have gone down a bit on the price. These are the most expensive types of thongs.
  • Sheer Fabric
    People love sheer thongs. These types of thongs are an indirect way of staying without any undies. This is mostly desirable in the hot summer weather when wearing too many clothes is just a bother. They are also great for wearing with sports gear especially if the color is the same as that of the skin. The most common brands that make them are Ongossamer and La Perla. They are made of mesh and one can figure out much of what is underneath. Ruffle detail on them is a great way to show some style.
  • G-String
    G-strings are only meant for the brave woman and they are much preferred for wearing inside formfitting trousers and skirts. This is because they do not show any panty line and so one can make the clothes as tight as they want to. Among all types of thongs these are the most revealing because they do not have a rear. They can either have a crotch or be crotchless. Some popular brands include Cosabella and La Perla.

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These are the types of thongs available in the market today. Choose based on your personal preference and the outfit that you’ll be wearing them to.