Tips On How To Choose A Tuxedo

Tuxedos are a favorite of almost all individuals and that is because of its versatility. They are designed for every occasion and so to look really cool and smart one must know how to choose a tuxedo.

Kinds Of Tuxedos

  • Prom Tuxedo
  • Wedding Tuxedo
  • Homecoming Tuxedo
  • Designer Tuxedo

There are many other options that are worn for different events. So it is very important to have an idea of how to choose a tuxedo. There are non-adjustable and adjustable tuxedo pants too that allow the wearer to adjust the size of the waist in case one gains or loses weight.

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How To Choose A Tuxedo 

Tuxedos are perfect formal wears for the well-built individual. So if one knows how to choose a tuxedo he is sure to stand out from the crowd and create his own style statement. Actually when selecting any apparel and suits a few points should be kept in mind. By taking care of the following tips one is sure to look smart and will surely know how to choose a tuxedo.

  • The size must be in accordance to the wearer and not loose or large as all tuxedo are not adjustable.
  • The fittings must be accurate or else the entire show of the tuxedo will be at stake.
  • And the most important point to note is the style of the tuxedo. Styles keep on changing and all designs are not fit for all occasions.
  • Color scheme too needs care. Wearing black or white tuxedo for all events is not the right way to dress up. So a perfect combination of tuxedo pants and jackets give an outstanding appearance to the wearer.
  • Considering the time and season of the ceremony or occasion is also an important point to consider. Wearing black during summer days is never advised. Cool colors that are in tune to the event will surely look fashionable and attractive.

With such a great variety of tuxedos at the stores, it becomes a difficult job to select the best ones if one is not aware of how to choose a tuxedo. Worsted wool is the fabric that is commonly used in making them and perhaps the best choice is the Super 120 wool tuxedo. Everyone wants to look good on special occasions like weddings and parties. If the pants are teamed with the color and fabric of the tuxedo jacket then it will surely be the best suit to get noticed. The pants that have satin stripes down the outer side of the legs in accordance to the satin stripe on the jacket are amazing outfits.

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There are simple designs also that look sophisticated if one knows how to choose a tuxedo according to the surroundings and venue of the events. There are pleated as well as plain front pants available at the outlets. If one is interested to purchase tuxedo pants and wish to learn how to choose a tuxedo, then he can browse the internet and go through the different styles, fits and color schemes that are in fashion today and select the best one for him.

Dress Pants for Men

Dress pants are a type of pants intended for formal occasions. They are normally made of wool or polyester and some of them are made from natural and synthetic textiles. These pants are designed to be worn with matching coats or jackets. They differ from formal pants in that they have a crease because of their tight nature. They are not supposed to be worn with a white tie unlike formal pants that can be worn to complete a white tie outfit.

While formal pants are worn mostly on formal occasions to indicate the significance of the occasion, dress pants can be worn on formal and semiformal occasions. They can be worn with just a T-shirt without a tie, which is considered casual but smart. Dress pants for men are very versatile than formal pants as they can go well with a blazer and during the cold seasons, they can be worn with sleeveless sweaters and dress shirts.

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Tips in Buying Dress Pants

If you want to buy dress pants or casual pants, here are some helpful tips.

  • Occasion – Consider if it is a business trip or a meeting, a casual day at work or just staying at home, a dinner party or even for church. When you know this, you will be able to choose what is appropriate for every occasion.
  • Season – This means the weather conditions during the time when you will be wearing the pants. There are different materials used to make dress pants and you are able to pick one that will go well with a hot or cold season.
  • Size – Getting the right sizes that fit you is very important as this is what will make you look great and stylish in dress pants. It should neither be too big nor too small.

perfect skinny fit grey dress pants

Styles of Dress Pants

  • Skinny dress pants are also very fashionable these days. You can make several alterations after you have bought one to become skinny dress pants. For some, however, standard fitting dress pants are cozier and flexible.
  • Black dress pants are the most commonly worn color of these pants. Other colors include brown, gray, charcoal, navy, and taupe.
  • Tuxedo pants come in different colors and styles. They are categorized as formal wear and should match with the color and fabric of the tuxedo coat or jacket. One common feature of tuxedo pants is the satin strip that flows to each outer part of the legs. Other options of tuxedo pants include pleated front tux trousers and pleated tuxedo pants.

Dress pants are readily available and are affordable, too. You can get them in the local clothing stores or online retailers or have them custom made through your tailor.

Tuxedo Shirt – A Class Of Its Own

For that perfect, elegant and flawless look of a tuxedo, all the pieces of the attire should flow well and complement each other perfectly. For this to happen, one should have enough knowledge on concepts of a tuxedo shirt, all its ins and outs. Failure to know all these details could lead to a terrible outfit instead of the stunningly amazing one a tuxedo should be.

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Common Fabrics of Tuxedos

Tuxedo shirts are made from various fabrics, and the most common materials are:

  • Cotton – these are absorbent and comfortable, but that is about it, they have nothing exceptional that catches the eye.
  • Silk – these shirts look quite modern and sophisticated as compared to other materials used in making shirts.
  • Linen – linen shirts are more or less like the cotton shirts.

Black Tuxedo Shirt

A black tuxedo shirt would go well with all the popular tuxedo colours which are white, black and grey. This colour, however, sets the theme as well as mood of an occasion and is, therefore, not suitable for a jolly occasion like a wedding or any other sort of party. A black tuxedo shirt, however, could work for formal occasions like dinners and cocktails as it is an official colour.

Tuxedo Shirt for Any Occasion

A ruffled tuxedo shirt would be the perfect shirt for a formal occasion that would require a casual look later in the day. This is because it is perfect for both casual and official scenarios. Such occasions include weddings and business cocktails.

Tuxedo Shirt Styles

There are various kinds of tuxedo shirt styles based on their collar types and selection on the most appropriate kind is based on personal preference. Some of the tuxedo shirt styles include the following;

  • Wing tip shirts – this shirt style is the most refined, most classy and most elegant of them all. For these reasons, it is the most preferred style. This shirt has a distinct collar that is up straight and looks fabulous when worn with a bow tie. These tuxedo shirts are quite formal.
  • Mandarin tuxedo shirts – these are a blend of the traditional and modern shirt styles. They have a collar and, therefore, do not need to be worn with a tie.
  • Lay down shirts – this type features a collar that is the same with the button-down shirt.
  • Pique – knitting style using cotton with a very soft waffle-like texture.
  • Pinwale – the fabric is made with narrow ribs like the corduroy fabric.

classic wing collar tuxedo shirt

Pairing with Tuxedo Pants

Tuxedo pants come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes. They are mainly made of polyester and wool, and their selection is based on one’s size and the theme of the occasion. The shirt is only as good as the pants they say, so matching them up with the right pants is very important for the whole attire to work perfectly.

Versatility Of Modern Day Tuxedo Pants

Tuxedo pants are originally men’s wear on formal gatherings such as anniversaries, wedding celebrations and formal company conferences. They often match it with a tuxedo jacket that varies from form to form depending of the structure of the wearer’s body. They have this so called rule of the thumb that tall men wear tuxedo jacket with tail which matches the tuxedo pants and short men should were the normal tuxedo jacket without the tail.

most decent womens tuxedo pants

During weddings, men wear a silk waist band over their tuxedo pants with the color motif of the occasion. This look works perfectly for the groom and his groom’s men. This makes a picture perfect entourage.

With fashion innovation and women’s fight for equality, tuxedo pants for women are now available. It is different from tuxedo pants for men since the cut can be slim, wide, legging-like, or the classic pleated pants. Many Hollywood icons are wearing tuxedo pants on formal gatherings that look as regal as a long dress on the red carpet. Pantsuit with a formal jacket makes a very sexy style.

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Tuxedo Fashion Tips

Tuxedo pants are more relaxed in terms of pairing these days. Before, it is a strict rule that the jacket should match the pants. Today, mix and matching are allowed with the formal pantsuit. Here are few tips to try:

  • Silky Feel

Silk tuxedo pants look very irresistible. Both men and women can enjoy the shiny texture of a silk tuxedo pants. Women silk tuxedo pants are gorgeous even in other bright colors such as yellow, bright red and olive green. The cut can be wide or slim. Wide silk tuxedo pants are best worn with slim tanks if you are tall and slim. A Grecian inspired asymmetrical blouse that matches the color of the pants makes a very adorable combination. This match can be worn on formal occasion. Silk slim tuxedo pants for women can be very funky and comfy. Pair it with high heeled strappy sandals and a right amount of confidence. That will make you a total beauty.

elegant tuxedo pants for women

  • Velvet It Up

The only thing that differentiates the formal and the rugged is not the cut but the cloth. Velvet is a very royal texture. You can wear velvet womens tuxedo pants on very formal parties. But, be very discriminating in choosing velvet. It can exaggerate unwanted bulges. You might want to wear a proper shapes wear before jumping into a velvet tuxedo pantsuit.

  • Iconic Stance

The famous Le Smoking tuxedo pants works perfectly for anyone. It gives slimmer figure, longer legs and sexier stance. Wear it with high heeled pumps. The blouse can be anything depending on where you are planning to go. You can wear it on a client meeting, corporate presentation and even date night. It is very versatile and functional that can work with you in all of your occasions. It is a good investment on your wardrobe. The icon Sarah Jessica Parker once wore it in one of the most celebrated episodes of the Sex and The City, where she looks as sensual as wearing a black mini dress.

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Tuxedo pants are not only men’s formal essential today. It has also invaded the women’s wardrobe. With many different cuts and texture, women are able to mix and match many items to enhance the beauty of the tux. Unlike the old days where dress code of matching is very strict, tux can be match with anything that goes well with it. Both men and women can enjoy the exciting experience of looking for the perfect item on their wardrobe to match with their tuxedo pants.