The Tron Characters

The new Tron motion picture took everyone by storm and the Tron gaming experience that has been inspired by the movie is not far behind. It is a rage today and that is only because of the amazing movie. The movie and the game are both enticing and enthralling, interesting enough to keep you hooked. However, if you are new or would like to know about the Tron characters, here is some information for you.

tron legacy character Kevin Flynn

About The Tron Characters

  • Kevin Flynn: This part was played by Jeff Bridges.
  • Alan Bradley: This was played by Bruce Boxleitner as a friend of Flynn and an employee of ENCOM – a company into whose mainstream Flynn tries to reach. He is Tron.
  • Ed Dillinger: Played by David Warner. Alongside, he is also a command program named Sark.
  • Dr. Lora Baines: Played by Cindy Morgan as Dr. Walter Gibbs’ assistant.
  • Dr. Walter Gibbs: played by Barnard Hughes as an ENCOM founder and employee.
  • Ram: Played by Dan Shor. He is a close friend to Crom and Tron.
  • Crom: This is an accounting program played by Peter Jurasik.

The Plot and The Characters

In the plot, Kevin Flynn is an amazing software engineer and he wants to reach the mainframe of a well known software company named ENCOM. He wants to do so to prove that Ed Dillinger, the company’s senior executive stole his code for ‘Space Paranoids’ and called it his own because of which he was promoted and Flynn was removed. Flynn tries to hack but he fails because of MCP or Master Control Program which controls the company’s mainframe. The artificial intelligence program seems like it has its own life and blackmails Dillinger into breaking into the Pentagon database.

tron legacy character wallpaper

The Tron Characters, Lora Baines and Alan Bradley are ENCOM employees. They became Flynn’s friends. These three together plan to get access to the ENCOM mainframe and have clearance for TRON, Bradley’s security program so that it would monitor any and every communication that MCP has with the world. As Flynn tries to hack the system, MCP uses a laser and digitizes Flynn.

The digitized Flynn finds out how that there is a world that MCP has oppressed. After that, he finds Yori and Tron which are creations of Lora and Alan. MCP forces Sark to destroy Flynn by sending him into video games. Flynn, a gaming expert escapes with Tron. After that Tron Characters, the Yori, Tron and Flynn run to the communication tower to access information that would destroy MCP and return Flynn back to the real world.

These are the amazing Tron Characters and surely, you love them all. So get into the gaming experience just like in the movie, download a cool Tron wallpaper and have a more amazing time!