How To Treat The Flu

Human beings are infected with diseases when their immune systems fail to fight the virus or the diseases causing substances. Annually many people die because of flu or influenza because of poor immunity or improper medical treatments. Prevention is better than cure, so it is better to protect against flu by getting the flu shot to help prevent its occurrence. How to treat the flu is a much-asked question as there are different versions or answers on it which can be quite confusing.

treating the flu effectively

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) which is the authority for disease prevention in USA, it is highly recommended that the flu infected person:

  • Stay at home and get plenty of rest
  • Drink lots of fluid, so as to hydrate the body
  • Keep off smoke or cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

Basic notes in knowing how to treat the flu

how to treat the flu at home


Over the counter drugs can be used initially to relieve the flu symptoms, but in knowing how to treat the flu symptoms properly, consulting a doctor is best especially when the condition worsens. The general symptoms are difficulty in breathing, pain in chest and abdomen, severe vomiting and dizziness.


Most important factor to be considered in treating the flu is to drink as much water as you can. The body must be dehydrated due to the fever and hence lots of fluid intake is imperative. Orange juice and other sport drinks can also be drunk, as they will reload the body’s electrolytes.

how to treat flu symptoms for children


Total relaxation is a must on how to treat the flu, as the body needs complete rest in way of sleeping. Your body’s way of craving for rest is what might have got you into the flu so listen to your body and allow it to rest.


Eat nutritious food like chicken soup or vegetable soups.

Proper Disposition

Try to keep your mind relaxed and shut off your worries or problems and remain calm.

Tips on treating the flu at home

The medicines can only suppress the symptoms or give the body resistance to fight flu. In knowing how to treat the flu, it is important to have the right attitude and follow the home recovery methods which will help in speedy recovery. Here are some few tips that will help relieve flu at home:

  • Keeping the flu-infected person warm is very important, as sweat can release toxins from the body.
  • Drinking warm soups or herbal tea can induce sweat which will dilute and release the toxins.
  • Chewing few pieces of garlic can release blocked nose or sore throat. According to experts, garlic provides the body with greater immunity to fight diseases. It is an effective way to use and learn on how to treat the flu.
  • To prevent spreading the flu to others it is best to wash hands often.
  • The flu virus is capable of surviving for long hours on hard surfaces to make sure you do not use things used by others.
  • You can take aroma steam if you have breathing problems.
  • To treat sore throat try to gargle with salt and warm water, as salt is a powerful agent which can fight germs causing the infection.

treating children's flu at home

Complete rest, lots of liquid and nutritious and balanced diet, along with the medicines prescribed will help you learn on how to treat the flu and can easily lead you off of it.