About Torx Wrench Sets

A torx wrench is a tool that is shaped like an “L” and looks somewhat like a screwdriver. However, instead of a screwdriver looking head it has a six-pointed star shape used to take out special torx screws.

There is also a tool called a torx screwdriver, which is just another name for the torx wrench as both of them are used to take off torx screws such as those used in cars, bikes, electronics, gadgets and more. These special screws are meant to hold something together stronger than using regular sized screws.

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What Sizes Do Torx Wrenches Come In?

Torx wrench sizes depend on the size of the torx screw they are meant to work with. Torx wrench sizes range from a T1 up to a T100 size. You must buy the specific size of torx wrench to work with a specific size of screw.

You can buy a torx wrench set that should have each of these sizes in the set at a hardware store or home supply store or online at many websites for tools.

Other Types of Torx Wrench

An external Torx wrench is one with a head shaped like a Torx screwdriver bit. It requires a special socket and is usually found on car engines. There are also other types of specialized torx wrench such as the ones used to remove tamperproof torx screws.

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Why Were Torx Wrenches Made?

A torx wrench came into the consumer market when consumers wanted a way to get Torx screws off of their devices and be able to work on them. The companies had at first made this impossible for the average consumer, but then a torx wrench became available to buy and they weren’t able to restrict consumers any longer.

Because of this, some companies are designing special tamperproof torx screws that a regular torx wrench anyone can buy won’t be able to take off. They look the same on the outside but there is an added post stuck in the middle of the slot so that you can’t use a normal torx wrench to get the screw off.

There are many different scenarios where you may need a torx wrench or a torx screwdriver if you wish to install something or repair an item you own that uses torx screws. Be sure to find out the size of the screws so you are buying the right size of torx wrench to use.