Torx Set

If you own several kinds of electronics, kid’s video games, computer or laptop, or even just a cell phone, you have need of a torx set to get off those pesky torx set screws. Most of these products have torx screws because they can’t be taken off so easily and will keep the item from coming apart.

Torx set screws can only be removed with a torx screwdriver or a torx wrench of the proper size that you will find in a torx set. These torx screws have a six sided star head which can’t be removed with a regular flat head or Philips screwdriver or even with an Allen wrench.

torx set

What kind of Torx Set Do You Buy?

They can only be put on or taken off with the correct size of torx screwdriver that you may find in a torx security screwdriver set or perhaps a mini torx set. It all depends on the product. For example, a cell phone most likely will need a mini torx set since they are small devices, while for your car you will likely need a torx set that is bigger.

The torx screws are rated in sizes of T1 to T100 and the torx screwdriver size corresponds to that number. You can purchase torx sets that have part or all of these sizes at a hardware store, home supply store, electronics store or online in many websites. Many of these sets will come with a lifetime warranty so that makes them a good buy even if you have to buy a bigger set than you need.

Why Were Torx Screws Invented?

torx security screwdriver set

Besides working better to hold the device closed, torx screws were originally designed so consumers couldn’t mess with the insides of certain kinds of products. But in time, a torx set was put out for sale because of the high demand from those wanting to be able to repair their own devices.

Since then, some companies have designed a special kind of torx screw that the average torx set won’t have a torx wrench that fits it. These have a post down the middle of the screw and make it impossible to use a regular torx screwdriver in a regular torx set. Perhaps in time consumers will also complain loudly enough to cause manufacturers to also put out a new kind of torx set to use with these types of torx screws. Hence, the point of these torx screws simply mean that consumers should always consult the experts for repairs and services on their devices.