What is a Torx Screwdriver?

Those familiar with the slot or Phillips head may have seen the popularity of a new type of screwdriver on the market in recent years, the Torx screwdriver is one that features a different type of screwdriver head with plenty of sizes to choose. Unlike more traditional screwdrivers, the Torx features advantages in driving in screws that the Phillips and slot head types do not have.

What is a Torx screwdriver?

You may have seen the distinctive star shaped or six pointed head of a Torx screwdriver at your local hardware shop. In fact, star screwdriver or star bits for the different sizes of heads is a common term for them. But a Torx screwdriver is the generally accepted name as developed by the company Camcar Textron.

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Features of a Torx Screwdriver

No Cam Out: The main advantage of a Torx screwdriver is that it is designed to resist the “cam out” feature that is common with other types of screwdrivers. Put simply, a slot or Phillips head screwdriver will fall out of a screw head once it has been fully tightened. While this prevents the screw from being tightened too much, the “cam out” process can also damage the slots of the screw head, making for much greater wear and tear.

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  • The Torx screwdriver is designed not to “cam out”, but to apply even levels of torque to the screw as it is being turned.

  • Once the desired tightening is reached, the torque becomes great enough that it will stop the screwdriver from slipping or twisting out of the slots. This means little to no damage of the screw head or screwdriver bit.

Longevity: For that matter, it can extend the life of both the screw head and the bit by up to ten times greater than a traditional screwdriver.

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Where can Torx Screwdriver be Used?

The Torx head screws are found on an increasing number of items such as automobiles, motorcycles, the brakes on bicycles, hard disk drives, computer systems and many types of computer electronic devices. The popularity of the Torx system is two-fold.

  • For Vehicles: The even application of torque combined with the limited amount of damage that is done makes it perfect for devices that regularly have to be tightened, such as the screws found on automobiles where new parts or the changing of parts can be common.

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  • For Electrical Devices: Also, the Torx heads act as a partial anti-tampering measure as many people do not possess the Torx screwdriver and thus cannot easily gain access to electronic devices, such as cable boxes for example where security is a concern. Using a slot or Phillips head screwdriver rarely works on a Torx head, even if it seemingly fits the slot. Plus, the damage that can be caused by the slot or Phillips screwdriver is generally minimal when a Torx screwdriver is then applied.

Today, more people, especially those in construction are purchasing a Torx Screwdriver Set or a Precision Torx Screwdriver Set for their projects. The added security and resistance to damage make the Torx system more popular in more fields every day.