Toothpaste Brands

When people are found choosing among different toothpaste brands, they often face many problems they didn’t bargain for when they are leaving for the supermarket. For instance, their tube of toothpaste has just run dry, they’ve squeezed every last drop from it and after checking the cupboard, they find out that there’s no other bits and bots left.

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Then, once people get to the toiletries section of the supermarket, they are faced with 20 or more different brands of toothpaste. People usually immediately look at the more popular toothpaste brands such as Aquafresh, Colgate, Oral-B and Sensodyne, but still, they don’t rule out the possibility of toothpaste brands such as Arm & Hammer, Mentadent or Gleem. Now, people must be careful when choosing their toothpaste. They should check and read the label to see what the particular toothpaste contains.

A lot of folks wouldn’t even consider the top brands of toothpaste. They would simply have chosen the supermarket’s own brand based on the cheap price alone. This is no surprise as with the rising cost of living, who can blame them for wanting to save a few pennies on toothpaste. A more difficult choice presents itself to some people as they need to look for the gluten free toothpaste brands.


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Most probably, many people do not realize the gluten free toothpaste exists. This is why it is important that people read the tube labels. Those people requiring gluten free toothpaste need to do so because gluten can cause Celiac disease. It’s a disease that attacks the small intestine and can affect the absorption of nutrients from food, so it’s important when gluten intolerant people are brushing their teeth, they know exactly what they are putting in their mouths.

Moreover, it’s not only the brand of toothpaste people have to consider. It’s what they taste of and what they can actually do for their teeth, which people should likewise look into. There are all different types of mint flavored toothpaste for people to choose from, all claiming to freshen breath as well as clean teeth. There are also brands of toothpaste that claim to be able to whiten teeth and to make them stronger, that’s for you to decide.

The important thing for people to remember is that they brush their teeth at least once per day to stave off such nasty things as tooth decay and dental plaque. By doing so, they can avoid the dreaded trip to see the dentist’s drill as well as avoid having false teeth for as long as they possibly can.

Toothpaste Ingredients

Though it is something that all of use every single day, toothpaste is something that we rarely give much thought to. Have you ever wondered about toothpaste ingredients or how toothpaste was invented?

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It may surprise you to learn that toothpaste was being used in ancient Egypt as much as 2,500 years ago. However the ingredients in toothpaste in such primitive times is something you wouldn’t be able to imagine putting in your mouth today. They used a combination of egg shells, crushed bone or oyster shells to remove debris from in and around the teeth, probably doing the teeth more harm than good when you think about it.

It wasn’t until as late as the 1800s that the first more recognizable forms of toothpaste were manufactured, using a combination of common household toothpaste ingredients like chalk, salt and soap. These were used until the discovery of fluoride in 1914. Since that time almost 100 years ago, modern toothpaste brands incorporate a lot more ingredients that have been proven to be more effective in both removing debris from your teeth but also providing protection against a whole host of common dental infections.

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As mentioned above, the most important components in toothpaste ingredients is fluoride. Why? Simply because it is proven to be the most reliable in preventing cavities. Other common toothpaste ingredients include antimicrobial agents which eliminate the bacteria that is associated with plaque. Such agents effectively search out and destroy bacterial cells and are one of the most vital components of toothpaste because they destroy dental plaque which eventually leads to gum disease if left untreated.

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Other common toothpaste ingredients include surfactants, otherwise known as foaming agents which help remove debris that is lodged between the teeth. There are also de-sensitizing components which block those painful hot and cold sensations that you get sometimes and also tartar removing agents which remove the calcium and magnesium from your saliva which can be deposited on the teeth as tartar if you don’t brush your teeth regularly.

If you use Colgate toothpaste then you should know that the basic Colgate toothpaste ingredients are really no different to any other brands like Crest, Pepsodent, Mentadent and others. The exceptions are of course toothpastes that are designed for people with sensitive teeth or dentures. You also have particular varieties that are supposed to last longer or give you more protection, but in general these are simply marketing ploys on the part of the manufacturer to get you to buy their product.

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You will find that even the cheapest, no-name brands will work just as well, provided they have the same basic list of toothpaste ingredients that their competitors do. This is easily checked by simply looking on the back of the packet in the supermarket before you buy and comparing the various different brands.

Toothpaste Brands

There are several hundred toothpaste brands available in the market today and it still seems to multiply on a constant basis considering the product’s high demand. Of the many toothpaste brands present today, not all have found the success they were looking for as the market seems to be concentrated on certain established toothpaste brands who have been ruling the industry for several years. It takes lot more than just effort and hard work for a new brand to flourish in this market.

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Of course you can always hope to make some profit but eventually the small brands will have to leave due to the lack of proper response from the public. There are several strategies the new brands need to adopt if they have to get some success with their products. For starters, to get the word of their brand to every person, they could set up for giving away toothpaste samples, which will give the consumers a chance to test their product free of cost. It all depends on the quality of the sample and how successful your product is to win then people’s heart.

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A lucky company might flourish in the industry right from the start, but that is not the case for all producers. If you take a look at the toothpaste brands list, you will see several hundred companies that come and leave each day but only a limited one stays high on figures in terms of sales. Those are the companies who did the right marketing of their product and managed to get their place in the industry. You can also target a specific type of toothpaste so that you can concentrate on them specifically and hence even choose a variety that has a less level of competition. For instance, competing with the non-fluoride toothpaste brands requires you to develop the same level or better level of skills to beat them and get your products on top of the category.

A good level of competition is seen between the toothpaste brands and this healthy competition is a boon for the consumers who can always expect to get the best services and products from these competing brands. Most people stick to the brand that has stayed on top for a long time or more precisely an established brand as they could trust them for their services based on their history in serving their previous customers in the past.