Tips on How to Properly Apply Cologne

Have you feel “suffocated” when you are in elevator by strong perfume scent? Or you can smell someone’s perfume from far away? Or are you that person did all of above? Obviously that is not the right way to apply cologne .If you have the same problem too then you should read on to find out how to overcome that.

Best Tips On How To Properly Apply Cologne
Choose the Right Cologne

The process starts way before you apply the cologne on your body. First, you should use fragrant that suits you. How can you tell if the fragrance suits you or not? Just ask around woman that you know like your mother or sisters. If they say that the fragrant smells good on you then it’s the right one for you.

Just in case you are wondering that isn’t all perfume smells the same for everyone, they are not. This is due to different body chemistry that is unique to each person. One thing to note, choose scent over price. You can check out John Varvatos Cologne for reasonably priced, nice line of perfumes.

How Much to Apply?

After you get the right cologne for you, now you can learn how to apply it on your body.

There are usually two types of dispenser, spray type and dab type. It doesn’t matter which one you have as they are both covered. Now you want to remember this one tip, less is more.

  • Spray Type: Use it about 2 inches from your body and apply it. You should spray at most twice to get the subtle scent.
  • Dab Type: The same applies to the dab type. Dab your finger to the cologne and rub them to your body. Remember not to apply more than 2 fingers at any point of your body.

You don’t want to suffocate or cause any discomfort to other people by your scent. So you want to use the cologne sparingly, just the right amount. You want the smell is good enough to mask any body odour produce especially when it is hot and your deodorant starts to fade away.

Guide On How To Properly Apply John Varvatos Cologne
Where to Apply the Cologne?

  • Apply the cologne on where your body’s pulses are: neck, wrist, chest, behind the ear, back and thigh.
  • Don’t apply to all of the places, just pick at most three.
  • You can reapply your cologne if you apply them early in the morning to sustain the nice smell.

There you have it the tips on how to properly apply the cologne. Hopefully you can make use of them and make people find you a pleasant to be around with.