Thirsties Modern Cloth Diapers

A new health conscious choice for baby’s delicate skin is Thirsties modern cloth diapers. These darling alternatives to the costly chemical containing disposable diapers are made with your baby’s needs at the forefront of their ingenious design. With unique and adorable designs of Thirsties modern cloth diapers and Thirsties diaper covers, your little one will surely feel snug the whole time he is wearing one.

thirsties modern cloth  washable diapers

Harmful Chemicals Some Diapers Contain

Popular disposable diapers contain various chemicals, which may be harmful for your baby. These include the following:

  • Tributyltin:

Tributyltin is used in a product that is primarily  created to prevent the growth of barnacles, bacteria and algae on boat hulls. Research has shown that human skin is sensitive to this chemical, although it is unclear as to what the degree of sensitivity is.

  • Sodium Polyacrylate:

This water-absorbing chemical, reported as non-toxic, has been known to cause mild to moderate skin irritation. This compound is found in disposable diapers today.

  • Dioxin

This chemical is the by-product of chlorine as a result of bleaching the material. Dioxine exposure can affect the immune system, and create hormone imbalance as well as increased cancer risk. Dioxin has been proven to build up in the human body throughout the person’s life.

These products are found in disposable diapers today, which is a great concern for parents and the makers of Thirsties modern cloth diapers. Because of these concerns and the desire for a healthier alternative, none of these chemicals is used in the manufacture of Thirsties modern cloth diapers or Thirsties diaper covers accessories.

Instead, Thirsties modern cloth diapers use a very unique scientifically developed fleece material that absorbs wetness and moisture away from the skin, while acting as an excellent moisture barrier. This technology was originally developed for  use in the medical field. The development was to assure liquid absorbing material that could withstand multiple washings, yet remain effective against moisture.  By using Thirsties modern cloth diapers, Thirsties diaper covers and Thirsties all in one diaper, you assure the health of your baby and your baby’s fragile skin. Even Thirsties disposable inserts are made without these chemicals.

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Benefits Of Thirsties Modern Cloth Diapers

Thirsties modern cloth diapers offer today’s mothers a new product for a healthy baby, that is:

  • Free of unhealthy, potentially dangerous chemicals
  • Adorably fashionable
  • Easy to use
  • Manufactured to last through many wash and dry cycles
  • Protects baby’s skin from moisture, naturally
  • Financially a smart choice
  • Environmentally better

Understandably, Thirsties modern cloth diapers are the logical choice for your baby’s healthy skin.  By using these diapers, you can rest assured that no chemicals come in contact with your baby’s tender skin nor can they be absorbed by the skin. Keeping your baby’s skin dry and preventing diaper rash irritation is as easy as using Thirsties diaper inserts to assure a moisture barrier.

The extensive and thorough research used to develop these modern cloth diapers assures that each diaper change will keep baby dry and comfortable. It is easy to see why they are the number one choice for the informed, health conscious and environmentally friendly parents of today’s babies.