Uses Of Dressers And More

These days’ dressers are quite a common feature in the bedroom, living room, the kitchen and the bathroom too thanks to the numerous uses of dressers. The sizes of the dressers are varied so are their shapes. An average dresser may feature 6-8 drawers; many dressers are wider and less tall. You can make a dresser work for you in any way that you like, it all depends on the location of the dresser and the ideas you have on making it work.

Dressers are commonly available in wood finishes of oak, pine, cherry and maple; due to versatility you can get dressers in color finishes. The color dresses add a splash of zest to the room they are placed in. There are people who have literally resulted to putting dressers in every room just because of their precise functional and beautiful nature. If dressers are an obsession to you then some of these uses of dressers such as these might come as no news. For those looking to adding dressers to their home here are a few of the most common uses of dressers.

The Variety of Uses for a Dresser

simple tall dresser

Storage -The main uses of dressers is to store things. You can use the dresser to store your clothes; it facilitates organizing in your room too. With a storage facility like this you can never go wrong in sorting out your clothes. You can find a tall dresser if your storage need is diverse and huge.

  • Interior décor-You can use a dresser to add onto the interior décor of the home, how do you do these? Interior décor should be color and stylish inspired, if your room is more modern then you can go for a simple dresser. If you are shabby chic and funky the colored dressers are for you. Make you dresser define your home by choosing a good design and style to make it the focal point of the room.
  • Bathroom vanity-You can use the dresser as a bathroom vanity, organize your towels and bathroom accessories in there and still pull off having this furniture in the bathroom. If your bathroom already has a vanity, it will not be a good idea to place one in there especially if the bathroom is small.
  • Organizing crafts-You can use the dresser to display your artifacts and craft pieces. You can also place pictures and flower vases just to make it vivid.
  • Media cabinet-The dresser can be used to store media files such as CD’S and magazines. You can use it uniquely by placing your TV on top or mounting on the wall above the dresser.

How to Make a Dresser Work for You

amazing uses of dressers

Use interior décor inspirations-The furniture type, color of the walls and the designs of the floor can guide you into getting a dresser that works for you. If you are planning to put a dresser in the living room, you can stick to the traditional wood finishes such as pine and oak.

Bold and striking colors to highlight your room- A little contrast is perfect for the bedroom, play around with colors by going for a colored dresser and see how perfect it will be in contribution to the décor of the home. Striking colors such as red, orange, blue and green are perfect especially if your wall characterizes one of those colors.

With the numerous uses of dressers and how to go about selecting an appropriate one you have got to get several pieces of these for your home. This is undoubtedly a magnificent piece if you customize it in the best way. You not only get function but also style.

Dresser Designs Manual

Dressers are one of the most important furniture for bedrooms, living rooms and guest rooms. The necessity of storing your clothes becomes more prominent as these also serve decorative functions. In the leading furniture marts, you’ll see numerous dresser designs to choose from. You have to think about the complementary dresser designs to create a unique, comfortable and gorgeous setting inside your house. Let’s focus on the popular dresser designs available in the market and the way to maximize their utilities.

elegant dresser designs

Popular Dresser Designs

  • Wardrobe armoire dressers

This tall dresser type features two doors with a wider panel. There are usually more than 2 pulling-out drawers. You can order for customized two panel doors without drawers according to your preferences. The height of these armoires varies within a range of 2 to 4 meters. These cloth storages can hang clothes, or you can use the drawer to put the clothes in an organized way. These are exclusive bedroom dressers with unique entity and gorgeous styles.

  • Standard dressers for bedroom & living room

These standard dressers are comparatively smaller. The shape is usually rectangular and the height ranges between 24 – 48 inches. These come with 4/5 drawers and some occasional cabinets to help you store clothing and other items. Some homemakers use the top surface of these dressers as additional spaces for placing vases, photo frames and table clocks. The designs can be customized and the materials can be chosen according to your preferences. Usually the manufacturers use oak and maple wood to ensure durability.

  • Double dressers for spacious rooms

These dresser designs are good for spacious rooms and not commonly found in bedrooms. These low profile designs are wide enough to house 2/3 rows of drawers (each of the rows has 6 to 9 drawers). Some of these dressers feature matching mirror on top and some of them have provisions to installed mirrors later. These are good for storing as these provide maximum storage for your clothing.

  • Chest of drawer dressers for living rooms & bedrooms

Chest of drawers is the most common design being used since ancient times. These chests are made of wood and consist of four walls. The sturdy bottom and hinged lids provide utmost security to your expensive wardrobe collections. These chests are great for bedrooms, guest rooms, even for the garages. If you need an extra storage inside, a chest is certainly the wisest pick.

  • Tall dresser and customized cloth-storage units

cute tall dresser

These tall dresser designs are always above 48 inches. These storages can house up to 10 drawers. These versatile dressers are possibly the most effective storage options with a huge space inside. Furniture experts and homemakers recommend using these furniture for larger families with more than seven members. These storages can also house jewelry, books, cosmetics and much other stuff. If you have a spacious bedroom, these are certainly best picks.

Using the Dressers in a Right Way

  • Make sure that you choose the right option, avail enough space to store the items.
  • Keep your dressers organized; keep your items in perfect orders
  • Renovate and reorganize the closets and drawers regularly
  • Pay special attractions to the expensive items (keep the jewelries, watches and things like these properly)
  • Keep your closets protected from insects or any damaging animals/objects

Thousands of items and plenty of designs are available in the leading marketplaces. Think about what you need and how much space will help you organize things properly. Consult interior designers and experts to learn about the options; and how to utilize these to the utmost level.

Understanding Bedroom Sets

A bedroom is the one room in a house where an individual can relax, rest and unwind without destructions from outside. For this reason, it has to be made to feel as comfortable and as cosy as possible. The furnishing and finish of a bedroom should by all means promote relaxation thus the need for best bedroom sets. A bedroom set ought to be selected in accordance to theme and interior decor of a room in which it is meant for. This is to ensure that the theme of the room remains continuous hence an improved relaxed atmosphere.

Basic Component of a Bedroom Set

specially designed modern bedroom sets

There are various kinds of bedroom sets, and they vary depending on who they are meant for. Kids bedroom sets are quite different from those of adults since needs of these two parties are different. A bedroom set is usually composed of a bed, a dresser, mirror table and two night stands. Some bedroom sets have a chest and study table as well, but these two are not compulsory. Dressers for bedrooms come in different designs, sizes and styles. A Tall dresser features drawers and doors that lead to cupboards, all meant for storage of clothes.

american tall dresser

Trying Out a Modern Touch

Modern bedroom sets are a kind of set of bedroom furniture that suit individuals who appreciate modern architecture. This kind of bedroom sets makes ones bedroom appear to be a small museum because of good finishing and design of woods used in making that furniture. Pieces that make a modern bedroom set can either stand on their own or along other kinds of furniture in a room.

Popular styles of bedroom sets vary in design, style, quality as well as material used to make them. Although most bedroom sets are made from wood, other materials like metal have also been used in making of these sets but more often than not, they do not give results as good as those made with wood.

Inside the Children’s Bedroom

colorful childrens bedroom sets

Childrens bedroom sets ought to be able to guarantee its users security, comfort and maximum functionality. The bed, for example, which is a centre piece for all bedroom sets, should be designed in a way that reduces accidents by all means. Double deckers, for example, are discouraged for kids’ bedrooms as they are more likely to cause accidents as compared to other kinds of beds there are.

best king bedroom sets

King bedroom sets, on the other hand, need to look elegant, exquisite and sophisticated as they are meant to provide maximum comfort to their users. These are the best kinds of bedroom sets for master bedrooms and presidential hotel suites. The most suitable style of bedroom set is selected based on durability, comfort and safety of the bedroom set to its particular users.

A Closer Look At Bedroom Dressers

A bedroom should be the most valued room in any house. This is a private and confidential room for a homeowner, and it is a place where some confidential documents are stored. Pay special attention to all things that make up a bedroom such as bed and dressers. Type of bedroom dressers that you should go for is basically dictated by your personal taste. Getting good types of bedroom dressers ensures that you not only get results of a well organized room but also makes dresses storage convenient for you. These types of dressers come with different types of drawers that are used for storage for ties, socks, undergarments, and also shoes.

Types and Designs of Bedroom Dressers

modernized white bedroom dressers

There is a wide range of bedroom dressers available in today’s market. It is essential to have rough ideas of various types before blindly purchasing one. There are dressers that are made of wood like teak, pine, mahogany and also cedar. These types of dressers have been designed for big and small families, with the main difference being in number of drawers that have been installed.

  • There are long and slim types of bedroom dressers, these types of dressers are ideal if you want to use them for storage of lingerie or for storage of jewelries, craft items or handbags.
  • You can also go for a tall dresser, these types of dressers give your bedrooms a unique and elegant look.

fashionable tall dresser

  • You can also opt for bedroom dressers and chests, they help you in keeping your room well organized, and they give you enough storage space. This helps in adding elegancy to your bedroom.
  • White bedroom dressers are used to oomph your bedroom, using this bright color will ensure that your room is always bright. They are commonly made from oak, mahogany, pine and also wicker materials.

What To Look For

best choice cheap bedroom dressers

  • Style is the main thing to consider while purchasing cheap bedroom dressers. Before selecting a specific style, you should first consider how much space you have in your rooms for storage of bedroom dresser that you are about to purchase.
  • Consider which material will best suit you, ensure that you get a long lasting material which is easy to clean, durable and also fits your budget.
  • Get a dressing table that fits in; do not purchase a dressing table that brings contrast in your bedrooms. Ensure that they match with your beds and any other furniture in your room.

glossy black bedroom dressers and chests

Once you are through with above procedures, you can be rest assured that you will get bedroom dressers that perfectly suits your bedroom.

Tips In Personalizing Tall Dressers

Are you looking into buying a tall dresser? If so, then you must understand what they are used for. Yes, tall dressers are used to hold clothes and other items like that. However, they are used in order to hold more items in smaller spaces. The reason more and more people use a tall dresser is to give them more space within their room.

classic  tall dresser


Now, a lot of people will spend time going to furniture stores and looking for a tall dresser that they like, however, you first need to know what is out there. There are a lot of tall dressers that you can choose from, so instead of getting overwhelmed with all the options you must narrow your option down prior to going shopping. Below are some of the tall dresser options that you might want to consider.

Types Of Dressers To Choose From

  • Tall Narrow Dresser – If you are looking to buy a tall narrow dresser, then just know that they work better for small spaces such as closets. The reason these work better for small spaces is because they are smaller. Now, if you have a lot of clothes, then you will find that these tall dressers just don’t work as good.


  • Tall Multi-Drawer Dressers – The multi-drawer dressers are those that have more than one drawer in each row. A lot of people like these because they work better to keep their clothes organized. For people who like to keep shirts, socks, under garments and pants all separated, this is the type of tall dresser that you must get.
  • Colorful Dressers – If you don’t just want a plain tall white dresser, then you can always choose a colorful one. These are great for kids as they have more than one color on them and can even help kids remember which drawer has which items in it. This would make a good option as a tall boy dresser or one for girls as well.

personalized tall boy dresser

Personalizing Your Dressers

One thing you should know regarding a tall dresser is that they don’t have to look just like they do out of the furniture store, you can dress them up. In the short list below you will see a couple ways to design and style your tall dresser to make it look like more your style.

  • Use A Table Runner – One way to improve the look of a tall dresser is to add a table runner on top of it. What this will do is create a table cloth type look on the dresser and the fact that it will hang over the sides will create a different design for you.
  • Add Different Drawer Pulls – Another very simple thing you can do is change the drawer pulls to something else. This is a great thing to do when you want to make it match the room that it is currently in.

contemporary tall white dresser

These are the two things that you can do in order to change the look of your tall dresser. Just know that a tall dresser has a lot of things that you can do to it in order to make it more stylish and cater to your design sense.