Table Tennis Table

Table tennis is a very popular game. It has been played for many years now and is a classic indoor game. It can be played outdoors too though and it is actually more fun playing indoors. However, when you think of buying a table tennis table, there are a few considerations to be made. To find the best table tennis table, you have to be very careful about the dimensions and the prices. Here is some important information that will help you buy the ideal table tennis table so that you can play on the best surface.

Tips In Buying A Table Tennis Table

The Price:

Every manufacturer you go to will try convincing you that he is selling the best table tennis table at the best rate. You should not fall in the trap and do your own research. Don’t choose the first manufacturer you talk to. Look for a few others and then decide on the best among those. Another thing to keep in mind while buying the table is your attitude towards the sport, whether you are very serious about the sport or whether you are buying it only for some fun and entertainment. If it is the latter, there is no point buying an expensive and a professional one. In this age, you must try cutting costs as much as possible and not spending lavishly. If the cost is a tad too much for you, you could always find a table tennis table sale online. There are many websites for you to choose from.

Table Tennis Table

The Usage:

As mentioned above, buy a cheaper one if you want to use it only to play with your family and friends. If you are a beginner too, start off with a cheap one and when you get a hang of it, buy an upgraded version.

The Type:

You have to make this decision after giving it a lot of thought. You should not choose the fixed type until and unless you are absolutely sure that you want it left there permanently. A folding type table tennis table is always the better choice because you can keep it away and use the space for something else when you are not playing. You can pick a table that has rollers in it. But you have to be sure that the brakes are functioning well. If not, you will not be able to play properly.

The Thickness:

This is extremely important. One inch or 25 mm thickness is ideal. The bounce produced by this thickness is ideal. Most people choose ¾ inch or 19 mm thickness because it is really good. The thicker the top, the more will be the price. Thus, it’d be ideal to for the 19 mm top to buy from good manufacturers like Butterfly table tennis unless you are willing to shell out more for the thicker version.

The Other Specifications:

Simply looking at the playing surface of the table tennis table is not enough. You have to look at other things such as the support legs and the leg levellers. Its height should ideally be 76 cm from the floor.

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Table Tennis Table Dimensions

The standard table tennis table dimensions as prescribed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) are as follows:

Length: 9 feet (2.74 meters)

Width: 5 feet (1.52 meters)

Height: 30 inches (76 centimeters)

Net Height: 6 inches (15.25 centimeters)

If you are in doubt about a manufacturer or the table dimensions themselves, you could look through the table tennis table reviews and do research. You will find many over the internet to make your choice easier.