Types of Window Treatment Hardware

Window treatments enhance the beauty and style of every room; and they help to set a specific mood that you desire. Identifying the different types of window treatment hardware is the best way to start decorating your window. Usually, combining treatments create a more polished look in your window. Below is a quick overview of the most common styles to help you get started.

Accesories for Tab Top Curtains

Some Kinds Of Window Treatment Parts and Accessories

There are multiple types of window treatment hardware that you could use; but, combining and layering one type over the other will give your home various looks so that you can get rid of your old and boring plain curtains.

Window Shades:

Window shades can be used in a window alone or along with the curtain of your choice. They can be affixed either inside or outside the window frame.

Different Shade Styles:

  • Roman Shade – This is a shade that has horizontal rods or folds where the shade raises into a sequence of soft pleats. It is made up of cords and rings, which control the folds and it hangs flat when it is lowered.
  • Roller Shade – This shade style helps to reduce the amount of daylight that enters the room. Roller shades are usually made out of fabric or vinyl and are typically thermal lined. This shade can be retracted and rolled up when it is not being used, and you will not even notice that it is there.
  • Balloon Shade – The balloon shade is almost similar to the Roman shade – it also has cords and rings that can be raised when desired. Also, it can be permanently adjusted into a stationary position.


Different  Types Of Window Treatment Hardware

Curtains and Drapes:

Curtains are basic light-fabric window treatments we usually install into our home. You can make certain variations with drapes and curtains with their headings in such a way that they are hung in a decorative manner from the curtain rod or mounting board.

Draperies, on the other hand, are more stylish and formal. They are usually installed in living and dining rooms and are designed with pleats, smocks, or gathered headings. Typically, rods and hooks are used to hang them over the curtains. They can be opened or closed using the pull cords at the outside end of the window.


Different Curtain And Drape Styles:

  • Tab Top Curtains – This curtain style includes fabric panels with fabric loops that are inserted into a rod. Among its variations are clip tops and tie tops.
  • Pleated Drapes – These compose of long fabric pleated panels with drapery tapes. This also comes in different styles and variations.
  • Cafe Curtains – These are short, straight curtains that are hung to cover the lower part of the window.
  • Ruffled Curtains – Obviously, these are curtains assembled with ruffles on the top, inside, or at the bottom.
  • Thermal Lined Drapes – This drape has a lining that is created to block the heat during summer and the cold during winter season.
  • Bishop Sleeved Curtains – These curtains are somewhat similar to the bishop’s garment sleeves. They are draped on top, then tied or held back at the center, and puffed out, in order to imitate the shape of a goblet.

Ways of Accessorizing Your Curtain

Every individual has a dream home which she likes to decorate according to her choice and the best way to bring new style in the rooms is to choose from the various ways of accessorizing your curtain. Those who are interested in unique designs and want to put in a personal touch in their homes, for them curtains are more appropriate than simple blinds. Actually, the feel of a room is enhanced not only by the materials used for the curtains, but the accessories that embellish them are more important.

Best Ways Of Accessorizing Your Curtain

Decorating Your Home With Curtains

There are various reasons why curtains are regarded as the best way of decorating a room. Curtains, especially the long ones help to bring a difference in the temperature of a room both in summer and winter months. They are easy to clean and maintain also and are long lasting. The use of curtains helps one to fulfill one’s dream of making the home most beautiful by using various ways of accessorizing your curtain.

Here are some tips that will help to bring a new look to the old home.

  • When hanging new curtains, the poles need to be changed so that they match excellently with the new drapery.
  • The ways of accessorizing your curtain is by making use of the best quality poles available that are made of wood and metal. The finishing of the wooden rods are attractive. They come in natural oak or pine timber finishes. The metal poles are of gold, brass, silver, copper or steel finishes that make the rooms even more gorgeous.
  • Other accessories include both simple and elaborate designs for the ends of the curtain rods as elegant balls, tapered end, fancy decorative pieces of metal and the like.


Best Ways of Accessorizing Your Tab Top Curtains

  • The curtains should however be of correct measurements. The contemporary readymade ones include eyelets, too.
  • Curtain tiebacks also known as hold-backs are another way of accessorizing your curtain. Sash, pleated tie-backs, fringe or braided or the ones that have frilled edges can be adopted to bring a new style to the curtains. These hold-backs should be carefully selected to match the style of the drapes to bring in the coordination and harmony that one tries to bring in the decor of a room.
  • Care should be taken to select the colors of the curtains in accordance with the paint of the rooms. Usually, white walls are the best as one can use all shades of colors to express oneself. Festive moods are well portrayed through bright colors whereas an elderly person’s room looks sober and dignified with simple colored accessorized curtains.

The popular tab top curtains are widely used nowadays. They bring a new stylish and simple look to the entire decor. The ways of accessorizing curtains especially of tabtop curtains is by having loops sewn at the top so that hooks or rings are not required. The gathers softly fall on the long hanging curtains giving the rooms a sophisticated look.

It is wise to contact the well known furnishers who are experts in this field and will show the ways of accessorizing your curtain in the most exclusive ways.

What You Don’t Know About Thermal Curtains

If you’re looking for new ways to save a bit of cash, consider thermal curtains. Thermal lined curtains can keep heat in while keeping sunlight out. Thermal blackout curtains will make your bedroom dark even during the day while reducing your energy bill. From improving your health and sleep patterns to having benefits for your budget, thermal and blackout curtains are a wise investment.

Pink Thermal Blackout Curtains

Thermal Curtain Styles

Tab top curtains look modern and make it a cinch to slide them onto your curtain rod. Easily change the style of different rooms in your house by swapping differently colored tab curtains. Thermal curtains come in a variety of colors, from white and beige to maroon and black. You can also find these curtains in bright colors for children’s rooms or with designs to go with the decor of your home. Several thermal and blackout curtains have thin vertical lines that give them a sophisticated look.

Thermal Curtain Features

Thermal insulated curtains will keep heat in, making it easier to heat your home. You’ll notice that your heat bill will drop once you utilize thermal curtains. Plus, during the summer, the curtains will keep extra sunlight and heat out, cooling down your home and lessening the need for extra air conditioning.

Solid Violet Thermal Insulated Curtains

Added features include:

  • Some thermal curtains also block out sunlight, making them perfect for people who like to sleep late or who work at night and sleep during the day. Even at noon, when the sun is the highest, you can shut your curtains and get the feeling of nighttime.
  • Depending on the brand of thermal curtain you purchase, some of them can block as much as 99% of sunlight. Blackout curtains are perfect for cities or towns that get 24 hour sunlight for a portion of the year.
  • Most thermal and blackout curtains are made from polyester. This fabric is washable, easy to clean and safe to put in the washing machine. Don’t worry about putting these curtains in a kid’s room since they can be cleaned with no hassle.
  • Aside from blocking out light and heat, thermal and blackout curtains also limit the amount of noise that creeps in through your windows. Many of these curtains can reduce the noise by up to 40%.

If you have a home theater, use blackout curtains to make it look like a real move theater even during the day. Also, people who need extra sleep for health reasons, or who don’t get enough sleep at night, will be benefited by blackout curtains.

Blackout Curtains – Features and Uses

Do you crave more sleep than you’re currently getting? Do you find it difficult to sleep in once the sun comes up and sunlight comes streaming through your windows? With blackout curtains, you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep even during the day. The best blackout curtains will keep your room dark even after the sun comes up.

Getting The Best Blackout Curtain

Types of Blackout Curtains

While you may think that blackout curtains only come in dark colors, they do, in fact, come in light colors and designs as well. You can even find white blackout curtains that still block out plenty of sunlight. The popular tab top curtains make it easy to slide them onto and off of a curtain rod. Blackout curtains for kids come in designs and colors perfectly suited for a kid’s room.

Uses for Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are undoubtedly useful if you simply want to keep your room dark while you snooze away the first few hours after sunrise. There are additional benefits as well, though.

  • Blackout curtain can be used to create a rehearsal space and backdrop for a play if a theater isn’t available. Any area can be turned into a makeshift practice and performance area with curtains that block out all light.
  • People who work overnight and have to catch up on sleep during the day often use curtains that block the light. This is especially useful in areas of the country that have a lot of nightshift employees, such as Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Sometimes, curtains that block the light can be perfect for entertaining and playing with your kids. Shadow games are made easy with the help of these curtains.
  • Create a daytime haunted house during October with the use of these curtains. You can simulate nighttime simply by closing the shades over.
  • Daycares get a lot of use out of these curtains. During the day, when the sun is shining, young kids need to take naps. It’s much easier for little ones to fall asleep if the room isn’t bright and sunny.


Beautiful White Blackout Curtains

Features of Blackout Curtains

These curtains can block out almost 100% of light, depending on the opaqueness. Curtains that block light are also insulated to keep heat inside and ultimately save energy. Most of these curtains are made from polyester. The fabric that makes up these curtains is easy to clean and the curtains can even be tossed right into the washing machine and dryer. There are a variety of dimensions of these curtains available for different sized windows.

Tab Top Curtains – Styles and Uses

Always in vogue, tab top curtains are a popular and versatile style of curtain, used especially in country style or traditional home décors. Loops of fabric make the so-called ‘tabs’ at the top of the curtains, through which a curtain rod or curtain pole is guided. Due to the simplicity of the style, tab top curtains are an extremely cost-effective and elegant choice for any home. With no pleats involved, tab top curtains need a lot less fabric than more elaborate curtain styles. Some homemakers like to use a wooden panel header to disguise the tabs, whilst others like to make a feature of them.

Tips On How To Make Tab Top Curtains

How To Make Tab Top Curtains

Tab top curtains are one of the simplest curtain designs to sew at home. Whether you want to make up some tab top sheer curtains, or a lined design, the process is very easy. The main difference in the construction of these two styles is the fact that a lined, heavier curtain will require wider, stronger tabs than a sheer, light curtain. When using heavier fabric, you may need to add extra tabs along the top for strength.

Here are things to consider whenyou are planning to make your own tab curtains:

  • Color Scheme:

Do you want patterned, colored, or perhaps chic white tab top curtains? What complements your home décor and interior color scheme? Do you want elements of contrast, for interest? Do you want to go bright and bold, or subtle and sophisticated? These are important style questions to ask yourself before you buy your fabric. Perhaps bring some fabric swatches home from a haberdashery store, and see what works best for you.

White with Polka Dots Tab Top Curtains

  • Embellishments:

Think about ways to decorate your basic curtains, such as:

    • Tassels
    • Buttons
    • Textured fabric
    • Curtain rod

If you want, you should use different fabric for the tabs, to provide a distinction from the fabric used for the curtains. Also, if you’re curtain rod is visible, then why not dress it up? Think about the various rods you can purchase, and what would best suit your vision. You can get wooden, plastic or metallic rods on the market – the choices are many. You can also paint the rods to match the curtain fabric, or the color of your walls. There is the option of putting decorative stoppers, called finials,at either end of the rods, for a finished appearance.

Red Tab Top Sheer Curtains for Holidays

  • Measurements:

Once you have measured the width of your window, you need to calculate one and a half times that amount. This number is the minimum your curtains need to be in width. The length is of course up to you, though it is usually made at least a couple of inches longer than the window frame.

Beautiful Style of Tab Top Curtains

  • Tabs:

It is best to place a tab at both ends of your curtain, and then space the rest of the tabs at around 8 inches apart from each other, within this framework. Note: If you are using weighty material, consider adding a few more tabs.

Tab top curtains are fun and they add a unique and interesting look to any room. It is definitely an affordable creative solution, no matter what style you like. For more options check out the trendy blackout curtains and thermal curtains online.