Symptoms Of Fuel Pump Failure

If you have a modern car or motorcycle, chances are you have a machine with a powerful engine, and a lot of complicated support systems for the fuel supply, ignition, and brakes, apart from many others. Being a machine, every one of these systems will be prone to wear and tear damage over time. One of these systems, the fuel supply system, is critical to the overall functioning of the vehicle altogether, and the last thing you need is something wrong with the fuel pump. It is like the heart pumping blood to the human body, and inadequate supply leads to all kinds of trouble. So, what are the main symptoms of fuel pump failure? What sort of situations can be identified as trouble due to fuel pump problems? Here is how you can be sure.


Vehicle On Start Up

Modern vehicles will almost certainly have a fuel injection system. Some small capacity motorcycles still run carburetors, which is what fuel supply systems were before fuel injection came along, and they were usually gravity fed, and didn’t require higher pressure to get fuel to do its runabout. This is where the fuel pump comes in. In a fuel injected motorcycle or car engine, usually designated by ‘i‘, ‘Fi‘, or ‘MPFi‘, the fuel pump is what delivers the fuel from the tank, through the filter and to the engine. If this supply stops, or is compromised, there are various symptoms of fuel pump failure you can identify.

On a motorcycle, this is slightly simpler, and you will know why shortly. The fuel pump starts up every time you put the key into the ignition and turn it on, and this can be identified by a characteristic whirring sound, which lasts for a few seconds. Of course, it is nearly impossible to hear it in a car, unless you are in a closed area, like your garage; but in a motorcycle, it is quite noticeable. If you listen to it, and it sounds constant for those few seconds, it is all good; but, if it isn’t constant, or the intensity of the whirring sound fades out towards the end, or barely a second after you hear it, it may indicate fuel pump problems.

common fuel pump problems

Vehicle On The Move

There are also giveaways for any symptoms of fuel pump failure while on the move. Whether you use a motorcycle or a car, if, while travelling, you encounter interruptions in power delivery, or a droning sound like the vehicle is out of fuel, that can be down to fuel pump problems. On some occasions, you may feel that the vehicle you are riding or driving may not be pulling adequately, and, being a regular user of that vehicle, you are more than familiar with how it performs. So, if you do encounter what feels like a loss of power, it only means that the fuel supply is inadequate.

The two symptoms of fuel pump failure mentioned above are the best checks you can employ. However, sometimes, inadequate fuel supply may also be due to a fuel pressure regulator, a device that checks the pressure at which the fuel is delivered by the fuel pump to the engine. If this device fails, it will also lead to similar symptoms, and this can be verified and taken care of by technicians at your local service center.