Push Up Bras: History And Variations

Since time immemorial, pushes up bras have been worn by women of all ages especially for breast enhancement. These bras have been designed to lift up breasts and create a cleavage making one look sexier. A push up bra gives ladies visually fuller enhanced breasts. Not only is it for visual purposes but it also boosts a wearer’s confidence and self-esteem.

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History of Brassieres

The term brassiere was first documented in the year 1907 and was used implicitly by Vogue. A push up bra is believed to be a direct descendant of corsets, which was design to compress breasts and push them upwards. Several years later, the corset was split into two pieces namely girdle and bra. With the passing time, the girdle has dwindled while bras have remained in Vogue. Push up bra has taken over from corsets in function and style. Bustier bra, just like a corset, performs the same functions and evens out a stomach line.

Push up bra has become a symbol of feminine sexuality. It is said to be a way of celebrating women’s curves by emphasizing the feminine form. Bras bind a woman’s chest giving them more sexually appealing display of the chest region.

Variations of Push Up Bra

Bras always have different styles and variations. One variation of push up bra is the push up sports bra. This bra can be found abundantly in clothing and sports shops both in local and online stores. Also, they can be found in various sizes and colors for one to choose from. Therefore, every woman can find a perfect fit. Actually, there are other variations of push up bra such as the following:

  • Molded cup padded bras which offer reshaping and lift from below a lady’s breasts.
  • Balconnette bras have restricting cups with tight and flat bases that lift your breasts higher than usual.
  • Strapless pushes up bras are perfect to wear under backless and tube tops.
  • There are bras that have air or water pockets. The breasts are placed on top to give them more upward push or lift.

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Push up bras have been said to be constricting in order to lift and push the breasts upward.  However, it does not mean that they have to be uncomfortable. Always look for those bras that are comfortable to wear and can support the weight of your breasts. This is especially significant to plus size women with large chests. Purchase the best push up bra that will not only provide you comfort but also give you utmost support and fashion style.

Wearing Strapless Bra And Some Shopping Tips

A bra refers to an undergarment for women used that gives support to the breasts. One type of bra is the strapless bra. This has no straps at all and can be worn under tube tops or dresses. Traditionally, bras were made specifically and purely for their functionality, but today, aesthetics are also being considered greatly. Apart from being very handy and useful, the strapless bra has some downfalls. It is a dangerous option to go for especially for women with large breasts for the following reasons:

  • Strapless bras are not the firmest option out there. These bras easily lose their grip.
  • They are not the most comfortable bras. This is because they sag a lot, requiring one to keep pulling them up.

To minimize the dangers of strapless bras, one could always use the halter removable straps or transparent straps, which are hardly noticeable.

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Selection and Shopping Tips

The best strapless bra should have the following qualities:

  • Firm – A strapless bra that is not firm could lead to embarrassments and accidents in public that no one wishes to happen.
  • Comfortable – A comfortable strapless bra goes a great way in boosting its wearer’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Beauty – Cute and attractive bras are the in thing in the fashion world today. They are quite important especially to the young girls.

When purchasing a strapless bra, the following factors have to be considered:

  • Comfort – This is vital in all bras. To function well and carry day to day tasks, a comfortable bra is what you need.
  • Cost – Go for bras you can afford but never compromise the quality of the bras.
  • Size – The bra should be well fitting. Bra sizes cater all body shape and sizes. Plus size strapless bras were created for plus size women.

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When purchasing a strapless bra, be aware that there are also variations for these bras. There are strapless bras that are convertible in the sense that they have removable straps that one can fix and remove depending on preference. There are also strapless push up bra that comes in handy when wearing strapless tops and dresses. It can’t be seen outside the dress and at the same time pushes up the breasts of its wearer making them look rounder, bigger and more attractive. Speaking of push up bras, the bustier bra is also another option. Purchasing and learning how to wear strapless bra properly will make you function well and be more secured and confident no matter what clothes you wear.