Standard Washer vs Steam

One of the most useful appliances present in homes today are washing machines. It has greatly reduced the work load of home owners, as you only have to press some buttons and your laundry it is done. But, which type of washer to buy, exactly? When buying a new washing machine, there must be a confusion among some people regarding standard washer vs steam washer.

Comparison Between Standard Washer vs Steam


  • Standard washing machines use approx 15 to 40 gallons of water to clean a single load; whereas steam washing machines uses only 7 to 15 gallons of water.

Standard washer vs steam

  • The first and major difference that can be noticed among these two types of washing machines is that steam washing machines treat the clothes gentler in comparison to the standard washing machines.

  • There is no need of agitator in steam washing machines whether it is front load or top load machines. These machines are more advanced in comparison to the standard version of washing machines.

  • The steam washers use water vapour or steam to remove the dirt from the clothes. This method also makes the clothes sanitized after the wash without damaging them. These cannot be found in standard washing machines. There are even some standard washers, with a feature of sterilizing cycle, which pours very hot water to the laundry, which in turn damages their sensitive fibers.

  • As for their prices, the steam washers are quite costlier in comparison to the standard washing machines. The standard washing machines come with price of $300 for the basic model and its advanced model is for around $700. The steam washers start with the range of $500 for base model to $1000 for the model with most advanced options. The price is the major factor that creates the difference between standard washer vs steam, but, the features of steam washers are definitely worth this price.


Some similarities can also be found when you’re looking for standard washer vs steam:

lg steam washer

  • Both these washing machines are available in top load model and front load model. Top load models can be loaded from the opening present at the top of the washing machines and front load models are those whose washing drums have a door attached on the front of the machine.

  • The cleaning process of both these steam and standard washing machines are same. In both of these models, after loading the clothes, detergents are applied then after the cleaning cycle, these cloths are rinsed well so as to remove the solvent from the clothes. But, it is obvious that the results of steam washing machines are much better in comparison to the standard washing machines.

The LG steam washer comes with a standard quality as this was the first brand to launch the new technique of steam washing. The main feature of this washer is that it comes with direct drive motors and the drum is made of stainless steel that would never rust.