Unique Gift Ideas For Him and For Her

Unique Gift Ideas For Him and For Her

Whenever an important occasion approaches, we search for gifts to our loved ones to show that they are always remembered. But with too many choices around, it can be a very overwhelming task for every man or woman to pick something that the recipient would truly appreciate. That is why most of us search the internet for unique gift ideas so that we won’t be giving the same old gifts over and over again.

Top Online Gift Choices

Below are the
top-selling unique ideas on the internet today so check them out and for sure, you’ll never leave this page “empty-handed“.

Top Unique Gift Ideas For Him

When choosing a gift for your
man, you are not just looking for something to give to him. Truth is, you are looking for unique gift ideas that will impress, excite, and make him realize that you are the best. Here are some uncommon gifts to give your man or male family member:

the best unique gift ideas

1.) Bomb Keychain And Bottle Opener:

A unique keychain and bottle opener as it is, this piece of art was made out of disarmed nuclear weapon systems and shaped like an outline of a “Fat Man”model atomic bomb. It may sound dangerous or toxic, but all materials used in making this keychain are safeand clear from nuclear exposure. With just $15, you can already give your man a very manly keychain he would surely appreciate.

2.) Stone Drink Dispenser:

Stones do not give us water, but you can always use it to add pizzazz to any event you are organizing. This drink dispenser is handmade from real stones found in the shores of New England that are attached to stainless steel spigot lever. The sophisticated and sturdy Stone Drink Dispenser is available for a price of $125.

3.) Upcycled Tent Dopp Kit:

Does your man love camping? Then, this gift is for him. Lightweight, durable, water and stain-proof – there’s nothing more he could ask for. Whether you are in the road, camping, or just at home, you are sure to protect yourself, your family, and even your things from being wet and being harmed from the wilderness. This handmade dopp kit costs $38.

great spoon ring as a gift

Top Unique Gift Ideas For Her

Birth Month Flower Necklaces:

All ladies love
jewelries and flowers. But did you know that you can get them both in the price of one? Yes, after birth stones, here comes your birth flower – in a resin pendant! These necklaces are available in 12 different dried, pressed flowers gathered from different parts of the world. Each handmade resin pendant comes with a sterling silver chain. It costs $48 apiece.

2.) Mother And Daughter Letter Book:

It all started when a woman lost her mother to cancer. Together with her two friends, they created this Mother and Daughter Letter Book that includes a set of 40 cards that can be sent, treasured, and shared until all the envelopes have been used. Giving this book as a gift is one of the best unique gift ideas this coming Mother’s Day. A book costs around $38.

3.) Spoon Rings:

Another unique yet elegant gift is a spoon ring. These rings areskillfully handmade using tools from jewelry trade in order to come up with right-fitting and professionally-designed rings. With very affordable prices, your loved one, family, or friend can be stylish and trendy by wearing this unique accessory. A ring costs at least$15 each.

Popular Ring Designs For Summer 2012

There’s been a big buzz around the spoon ringtrend, and like other popular ring designs, this type of ring is nowadays produced in many different shapes and designs. Here are some popular ring designs that are going to be huge this summer.

Must Have Rings For This Summer

  • Statement Rings

This is not a time to hide yourself or to wear unpretentious accessories. Big stones and colored gems on your fingers is among the most popular ring designs. Wear a ring that states your greatness!

  • “Green” Rings

More and more women are willing to free this planet from wars and slavery, so much so that many brands and designers now offer ring collections that are eco-friendly and make use of conflict-free diamonds and stones.

the most popular ring designs

  • Geometric Rings

Thanks to Lady Gaga and other iconic singers of our time, geometric rings are again a must-have for every girl that stays up with the trends and wants to show the world her independence and confidence.

How to Take Care of Your Rings

After choosing among the most popular ring designs,
cleaning and storing your rings in the right way to prevent them from becoming dirty and out dated is important. Many times, newly bought rings grow a green thin layer underneath it, thanks to the chemical interaction of copper usually present in the ring’s formula, which that comes in contact with your skin. This usually happens when you’re wearing sterling silver. It’s not so common when it comes to golden rings, but, as a rule of thumb, the lower the carat of the ring is, the more chances are there that copper is in it.

There are some tricks, however, that will avoid this green color to grow on your ring. Here are some of them:

  • Paint a thin layer of nail polish on the inside of your ring. This is perhaps the most effective way to keep your ring clean. By painting the inner side of the ring, you will provide a protective coat between the ring and your skin, so that no chemical reaction will take place.

simple yet elegant spoon ring

  • If the nail polish wears off, it could always be replaced by another layer. Spray some of your deodorant around your finger where you put your ring on. The green color develops because of the sweat of your skin that comes in contact with copper, which in turn creates a chemical reaction. The deodorant will help the perspiration not to build up. Apply this tip every time you wear the ring.

  • Have a jeweler apply silver plating or the imitation of a rhodium coating. This solution will avoid the contact between the skin and copper.

  • Do not use the ring when you come in contact with water. Swimming or daily activities like washing your dishes can cause your ring to turn green, so before wearing any ring, clean and dry your hands thoroughly.

  • Watch out the acid intake in your diet. Too many acids in your meals, like oranges and lemons, can cause some skin reactions when in contact with metals.

Taking care of your rings is a serious business for the fashionistas. Have fun with the latest popular ring designs and wear your ring day and night!

Ways of wearing a Claddagh ring and Meaning

Claddagh ring is jewelry of Celtic, Irish descent. It is made either with gold, silver or other metal with and without a gemstone and setting. These rings dates back to times of Queen Mary second and are very popular due to their rich history of design and making. They are made for various occasions with an example being a Claddagh engagement ring. An engagement is used for purposes of proposals, worn to mean that a person is spoken for.

Ways of wearing a Claddagh ring and meaning

Not many people know how to wear a Claddagh ring. What they need to understand is that in every way you wear this ring it means something. To begin with, we need to understand its design. A Claddagh ring is made of two hands clasping a crowned heart. Each item is a symbol of something. Below we see what a Claddagh ring meaning is.

cute claddagh ring

  • Appearing on either side of bands are hands which represents offering of service

  • A crowned heart indicates a token of love

  • Lastly a crown completes its design meaning loyalty

Above points show how intricate its design is and how meaningful the design was meant to be. In current times, these rings are worn to indicate a person’s emotional state depending on how it is worn. We look at various ways that a this ring can be worn and what it means.

  • To indicate that someone is yet to fall in love a Claddagh ring is worn on a right hand ring finger with crown of ring turned inside.

famous claddagh ring meaning

  • Wearing this ring with its crown turned outside indicates that an individual is engaged, this is how a Claddagh engagement ring should be worn.

  • If a wearer has found true love then a Claddagh ring is worn on left hand ring finger with the crown facing outwards.

This amazing ring is believed to have its origins in belief of trust, love and faith. Its first maker was said to be someone who persevered in waiting and longing for his home Ireland. A beautiful woman he left behind waited for him when he was taken captive and forced to work in slavery for a goldsmith. After slavery was abolished, he got an opportunity to go back home and luckily he found his lady still waiting for him. He presented her with a Claddagh ring he had made for her. It was known as a Royal Claddagh Ring and as a symbol of his undying love, affection and devotion to his lady.

Making a customized version can be done when you contact jewelry makers. Find one design/variation of the design that best suits you (or looks best on your ladylove) and get your own. One common and popular order that ring makers get are spoon rings. A spoon ring is a ring that, as its name indicates, is made of antique spoon handles. They make good variations for the exquisite Claddagh rings.

Class Rings and Why You Need Them

Class rings are the types of rings that remind the year you graduated either from High School or college. There is a variety of designs that are mostly decided on individually or per class.

The Importance of class rings

Class rings helps you get identified with which class you went with as well as when you graduated. You may decide to go with unique class rings or ordinary ones. If you want a unique class ring, you should visit a class ring designer so that you can explain to them the exact type of ring design you require. College class rings are usually more popular than high school rings, being that, it is the last phase of a person’s educational life; that and the fact that college kids are more likely to spend on rings than High School kids.

stylish class rings

You can also go for a spoon ring. These types of rings are very popular and easy to design and mostly sold by craft vendors.

If you are a type of person who requires uniqueness in everything you wear, you need not worry on how you will achieve this as you can design your own class ring following some of the tips below:

  • Search online/jewelry stores/jewelry magazines for ideas on your custom ring designs.

  • Choose a unique metal for your ring. This will depend on whether you will be wearing your class ring on a daily basis or once in a while. Gold and silver are the most popular choices.

classy class ring designer

  • Decide on what symbol you would want your class rings to have. This might be academic or sports symbol. Get it stamped with your graduation year. If you have a sketch of what you require it can be of great help.

  • Then, find yourself a good ring designer that will make your class ring just as you want it.

Class rings are available in many designs and they come in variations for men and women. Girls’ designs include: Generic girls fashion class ring and Keystones collections, which can be personalized. For men, the top-rated class ring is Keystone guy’s USA class ring, personalized Apollo military ring, oval class ring, square class ring and crest class rings.

Create Your Own Spoon Ring

Spoon ring is a hot fashion accessory nowadays. It has been popular for years, but is growing even more popular now. It is unclear where this type of ring originated from, but its rise in popularity is often rooted in the 60’s and early 70’s.

These spoon rings are often sold by jewelry craft vendors at craft fairs or street sidewalks. Because silver is malleable and easy to bend, it is not hard to make a sterling silver spoon ring. The basic composition of a silver spoon ring is an antique spoon handle if you want something fancier looking, or a basic spoon handle for something simple.

stylish spoon ring

Steps on How to Make a Spoon Ring

The beauty of spoon rings is that they are easy to make. You just need a few tools, but once you have them, you can pump on silver spoon rings all day long. Here is a guide on how to make a spoon ring. The steps are as follows:

  • Find a ring mandrel that is about the same circumference as your ring finger. The reason for this is to have the handle of the spoon fit your finger well.

  • There are many cutting devices, but you can use a hacksaw to cut off the “bowl” of the spoon. Be careful in this process and make sure not to cut yourself. This is probably the most dangerous part of spoon ring creation.

tips on how to make a spoon ring

  • In this step, you need to smooth out the rough end of the spoon’s handle. The spoon handle is going to become part of the ring that will fit on your finger, so you want to make sure it feels good. A few tools you can use are sand paper, a metal file or an emery board.

  • Now you need to wrap the small part of the spoon handle around the mandrel. You can use pliers or any tool that works similarly.

pretty sterling silver spoon ring

  • This is where the ring will start to come alive. If you don’t have a mallet, you can use a hammer. Wrap the hammer with cloth around its head to keep it from scratching the ring. Either way, take the mallet or hammer and curve the spoon handle around the mandrel.

  • Begin tapping the spoon handle around the mandrel all around until the ring starts the form. This is essentially the finishing process that turns the spoon into a ring, creating your own spoon ring masterpiece. You can see the ring come to life as you are tapping away.

cute silver spoon ring

  • Now that the ring shape has finally been completed, you need to file down the rough edges using sand paper or some sort of filing tool. Whether you’re making this for yourself or another person, you want it to be comfortable to wear.

  • Finally, add finishing touches and use silver polish or a special polishing rag to polish the spoon ring so that it shines with brilliance.

Now that you know how to make a spoon ring, you can do a lot of things with it. You can sell it to friends and family or you can simply build a collection of them using all kinds of interesting spoons that are out there. So be artistic and create one now!