Foot Spa Pedicure Treatments: Pampering Your Feet The Modern Way

Having a relaxing spa pedicure treatment at the end of a busy and very tiring week can be a nice way to welcome the weekend. After all, your feet are probably the parts of your body that bear the brunt of your everyday activities. You hit the pavement each day to and from work, your feet gallantly enduring the “abuse”. Caring for them every once in a while is the least you can do—it can even do wonders for your well-being. There are easy options: you can either buy the necessary spa pedicure products or just pay a visit to the neighborhood spa pedicure facility to have the treatment of your choice.

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What Are Spa Pedicure Treatments All About?

At its basic, spa pedicure is simply about cleaning your feet and toenails. In the past, spa pedicure products were pretty much straightforward: a cleanser to remove the old nail polish, new nail polish, and the requisite toenail cutting tools were enough to accomplish the job. These days, the process has improved in complexity and technology. Toenails are no longer the sole beneficiaries of the treatment, but also the whole feet. It is common to find salons offering spa pedicure treatment packages that include pedicure work, cleansing, therapeutic massage, and topping it off with some trendy nail art. One caveat: the more luxurious the spa pedicure treatment, the more expensive it is.

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Most Common Spa Pedicure Treatments

  • Therapeutic foot massage or reflexology treatment: a perfect follow-up to a foot spa pedicure treatment, foot massage enhances blood circulation and induces a deep sense of calm. This particularly targets the soles and calves. Aromatic essential oils are sometimes used.

  • Foot peel treatment: usually done with the use of mild acids like glycolics.

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  • Exfoliating masks and wraps: no longer exclusive for the facial area, masks and wraps have now become one of the most popular foot pampering treatments. They are often used to produce some degree of gentle exfoliation, with hydrating properties on the side.

  • Foot microdermabrasion: performed to keep the skin of the feet soft, clear and callus-free, the microdermabrasion treatment is often followed-up with moisturization treatments.

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  • Toenail art: fast becoming a favorite among spa pedicure aficionados, toenail art ups the ante when it comes to caring for the feet. Toenails no longer merely serve a strictly utilitarian purpose, as toenail art opens up a new means of artistic self-expression.

Do-it-yourself Pampering

Spa pedicure is not exactly rocket science, and learning how to do spa pedicure treatment on yourself—or your loved ones, if you’re up to that—is actually easy. Stores selling spa pedicure supplies are easy to find, especially online. Moreover, the benefits of having regular spa pedicure treatments are obvious, not only for aesthetic aspects but also in terms of health. So if you love flaunting your feet, especially for those who have a shapely pair, or if there is an upcoming occasion in which you may have to bare them, having a good professional spa pedicure treatment can indeed help you “put your best foot forward”.