The Beauty Of Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut engagement rings are the most common types because they are beautiful and exquisite. They are very popular today but they are not new. They have been in the market since 1960 and have been very popular right from the time they were introduced. These diamond rings have mixed cuts. They have the round brilliant cuts that are the standard cuts along with step cuts.

The corners are rounded and unique in princess cut engagement rings and protrude out. The facets are also very unique and stand out. However, the brilliance and the sparkle of the round brilliant cut is reflected in princess cut diamond engagement rings too and that is also one reason why they are so popular.

Here is some vital information about these beautiful princess cut engagement rings and why they are so popular even today.

twisted princess cut engagement rings

Important Information

  • You can find various cuts in these rings. You can choose from different dimensions depending on your preference. Usually they are square shaped with a length to width ratio of around 1.0. The ratio can however vary. If it is 1.2, the shape is close to rectangular.

  • The very shape of these rings sets them apart from the other diamond rings. Princess cut engagement rings with side stones are also very famous and these protrude out slightly to make the rings very unique.

  • The corners are rounded though and you don’t need to worry about damaging your beautiful rings at all. However, damage can be a concern if you choose low quality cuts. Quality is always important and with precious diamonds, this factor is even more essential.

tips on buying princess cut diamond engagement rings

  • The cuts in princess cut engagement rings are smaller like round diamonds and because of the same sparkle and brilliance, these rings are highly fashionable and preferred.

  • When you shop for princess cut engagement rings, there are things you should keep in mind such as the grade. The clarity grade should be SI1 or SI2. Carat weight should be around 1 and the color grade is preferably G.

You can also find numerous variations such as solitaire princess cut engagement rings that are more expensive. Thus if your budget is flexible you can choose these types of rings. You can also go for customized or personalized rings to make them more special for your loved one. The sheer appeal of these rings is something that can’t be ignored and that is the reason why princess cut rings are the most popular choice today for not only engagements but also marriages.

There are also other variations like the elegant sterling silver engagement rings to choose from. Be wise and make the right choice because a diamond indeed lasts forever!