Soil Composition

It does not matter whether you purchase potting soil or decide that you will make it yourself. Whatever your choice may be, you have to be very careful about the soil composition. The ingredients of the soil will determine how well your plants will grow. This is because more or less everything depends on the soil. Remember to use new soil when you are transplanting your existing plant into a new pot or planting a new plant altogether. This is important because the used soil may contain pests and may carry diseases thus. Also, used soil may or may not have the required nutrients. They will be in lesser quantities and this can cause a hindrance to your new plants.

Almost all potting soils have the same basic soil composition. The potting soil composition basically includes three main ingredients and they are compost, sphagnum moss or peat and vermiculite and perlite. Here is some information about each of these.

the soil composition

Essential and Basic Soil Composition

  • Compost: Soil will be perfect only when it consists of a good amount of compost in it. Compost is the end product of decomposed organic matter. Compost is rich in nutrients and contains compounds that are required for your plant’s healthy growth. If you buy good quality soil, it may also contain a slow release fertilizer which increases the nutrient value of the soil.

  • Sphagnum Moss or Peat: This is dried plant that is generally harvested from the bog areas. Both moss and peat are essential for the drainage property of the soil. They also keep soil light and that is why the basic soil composition has to include either of these two.

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  • Vermiculite and Perlite: These are minerals which are important because they keep soil aerated as well as light by maintaining water holding capacity of the soil. They are lightweight as well as porous. Both the minerals come from volcanic ash and due to their ability to make sure that soil is well aerated which is a very important factor.

It is essential to note that the soil composition also varies with the plant you’d like to grow. You should have information about soil composition based on the plants thus. You could talk to a professional to find out if you want to create the soil yourself or you could make your purchase from a good nursery so that you get the best. Be sure to buy only from a reputed seller so that you know you are buying the best. Follow these simple steps and make sure your plant grows well.