The Dawn of the Modern Tubs

There’s nothing like the relaxation from stress and refreshment that a long bath gives; that is why a bath tub is becoming more of a necessity in every bathroom at this age. Nowadays, people from all over the world add this luxury to their bathroom not only because it makes bathing fun, but also because of other benefits it provides. If you are fortunate enough to have a spacious bathroom, then there should be no limits for you in choosing styles and sizes of bathtubs.

When it comes to bathtub designs, modern tubs are becoming more popular because of their contemporary and irresistible appeal.

modern and creative bathtub design

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the design of modern tubs – from claw foot to soaker types, this article got it all covered. You can find all of them in the list below.

1. Claw Foot Bathtubs

The popular claw foot bathtubs give your bathroom an ethnic appeal. As its name says, this tub has claw-shaped feet. These antique-like tubs are made from steel, porcelain, cast iron, and acrylic. Claw foot bathtubs can be matched with either wall-mounted faucets or floor-mounted faucets. These faucets can be placed on the side of the tub for easier bathroom designing. Among the most well-known claw foot bathtub brands are Asia Bathtub by Victoria and Albert and Cape Cod Single Slipper Soaking Tub by Wyndham Collection.

2. Pedestal Bathtubs

These modern tubs come in oval shape and have no feet. The tub sits on an oval base that can be made from different materials that match the exterior of the tub itself. Even though pedestal tubs have no faucet drilling, they provide more advantage than claw foot tubs as they have deeper water levels. Faucets that come with this tub can either be mounted to the floor or to the wall. Optional features of this tub include a towel rail and a hand held shower. Pedestal tubs by Cheviot and Nottingham are some of the top-rated brands of this type.

minimalist square bathtub design

3. Recessed Bathtubs

Affordable and space efficient – these qualities make these modern tubs the most preferred type. Typically, these tubs have walls on three sides. However, only one of these sides is visible as it is only the side that has a decorative finish. They may or may not be integrated with faucets and often come with a hand held shower. Recessed tubs come in different shapes such as oval, heart shape, rectangular, diamond shape, and so on. Tubs by Americast and MAAX are some of the trusted brands when it comes to the recessed type.

4. Soaker Bathtubs

A soaker tub is designed to match your bathing position and to provide a touch of elegance to any bathroom. Created with minimalist thin walls and tapered sculpture, soaker tubs give a relaxing, refreshing, and energizing feel every time you take a bath. These modern tubs come with no overflow drain and are chip and dent-resistant. Popular brands on this category include Alana Bathtub by Wyndham Collection and Americh Alesia Tub.

Perfect Relaxation Haven with Indoor Jacuzzis

Indoor jacuzzis are very relaxing and fun to use. Imagine soaking in a hot tub with massaging water jets after a hard day. You can also choose to relax in a Jacuzzi to get your day started the right way. These large tubs are perfect for yourself or you can buy jacuzzis that will fit two or more people. These indoor fixtures are a great addition to any home. A soaker tub is a cheaper alternative if you want the deep tub without the powerful jets. Enjoy a luxurious bath and let your worries wash away in the right tub.

 Types of Indoor Jacuzzis

 Indoor jacuzzis come in many styles and sizes. Be sure to pick the right size that will not cover too much space of the area. You can choose from many different types like:

  • acrylic jetted tubs. This material is very durable and is made to last.
  • You may also be interested in fiberglass-jetted tubs that are more affordable.
  • There are also inflatable indoor jacuzzis that many people enjoy using as well.

refreshing and relaxing at indoor jacuzzi

Benefits of Indoor Jacuzzis

 Soaking in a jacuzzi is a soothing experience. It will ease away your daily stresses. If you have sore muscles in your back area, your legs, or anywhere else on your body, a massaging jacuzzi tub can help soothe your pains. A jacuzzi relieves tensions in the body from muscles, nerves, and joints. Soaking in jacuzzi tub can help soothe sport’s injuries or help with diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. It can also help with circulatory problems and is a great form of physical therapy.  A hot massaging bath will release endorphins allowing you to feel happier after a jacuzzi soak. Jacuzzis can also help people with insomnia. Indoor jacuzzis are perfect for bonding. Spend some quality time with those people that you love in a soothing jacuzzi or soaker tub. Allow your physical, mental, and emotional pains to ease after a long soak in a jacuzzi

 Disadvantages of Using Indoor Jacuzzis

 There are a few disadvantages in using indoor jacuzzis. These tubs are rather large. If you want one that is big enough to fit a few people in, you may have to add an additional room in to your house. This can get to be expensive. You may have to choose between spending a lot of money on a Jacuzzi or going with a smaller option. You can find many smaller Jacuzzi tubs that offer the same benefits as the larger ones.

royal class indoor jacuzzi

 Leading Brands

There a many names or manufacturers of Indoor Jacuzzis. They all offer the same benefits but they are different with some features and finishes. Here are the top names for indoor Jacuzzis;

  • Jacuzzi
  • Whirlpool
  • Coleman Spas
  • Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Enjoy finding a luxurious Jacuzzi to relax in as often as you would like. You will see many health benefits from regularly using these types of tubs. Not to mention, you will feel a lot better emotionally too. Let your stress disappear when you enjoy the finer things in life such as indoor jacuzzis. Soak into relaxation.

Home Spa Essential: Cast Iron Tub

Having a cast iron tub right at home allows for one to enjoy a perfect little spa moment after a long and tiring day. To spice things up, one can use aromatherapy oils into their bath water for that ultimate relaxation, in their cast iron bath tub.

What is a cast iron tub?

A cast iron tub is a bathroom accessory that is made out of cast iron covered with enamel for the perfect finish. It originated in the USA in the 1870s and comes in various shapes and sizes e.g.; classic, double ended, slipper, double slipper and pedestal. They are designed as standalone (clawfoot) or fixed.

The cast iron tub is good value for money in that it is durable without needing maintenance. It is wise to invest in a high quality brand that will save time and money in future. There are instances where one may need to renovate a tub that has been around for quite some time.

lovely enameled cast iron bath tub

Refinishing a cast iron tub is not a DIY job as it requires some technical expertise. To save on costs, it is better for the work to be done on site. The total average cost for the refinish cast iron tub will range from $350 to $500, while purchasing a new one will cost anywhere from $1200 to $5000.

Acrylic vs Cast Iron

Apart from cast iron, another material used to make tubs is acrylic. Here is a comparison between acrylic vs. cast iron tub,

  • Acrylic is made out of synthetic material and is relatively crack and chip resistant; the other is made out of molded iron, making it scratch and dent resistant.
  • The cost of an acrylic tub ranges from $400 to $4000 while a cast iron tub price is from $1,200 to $5000.Acrylic tubs can be a DIY project as they are easier to install in the house, however, cast iron has to be installed by professionals due to its weight.
  • The floor should also be sturdy and stable to hold the weight of the cast iron tub.
  • Metals are better heat conductors than synthetic materials hence the metal tub will keep the water warm longer than the synthetic one.

cast iron refinish bath tub

Cast iron tubs can be made into soaker tubs. These are tubs that have more depth than the regular tubs found in the market. When purchasing a soaker tub it is important to consider the following;

  • The space available for allocating the tub
  • The quality of the tub
  • Cost implications
  • Safety

Some of the renowned soaker tub manufacturers worth visiting when purchasing a soaker tub are Kohler and Sterling among others. Apart from cast iron, other materials are used to make the tubs. This tub allows one to comfortably soak in the whole body as opposed to the regular tub which one has to slide into.

The cast iron tub is a preferred choice for many due to its durability and almost maintenance-free. It may be costly at first, but looking at it from the long term position, it is an investment worth making. As long as it is used for the purpose it was meant for and cleaned properly after use, it will serve many generations to come.

Buying Bathroom Tubs

When picking out furniture and fixtures for your apartment or your newly constructed house, keep in mind that bathroom tubs are just as important as beds, sofas, and dining sets. After all, bathroom tubs and showers are used daily too and play a vital role in beautifying your body and relaxing your spirit especially after a day’s tiring work.

Why Bathroom Tubs are Important

Imagine that every single day, perhaps even two or more times within a day, you will be using these bathroom tubs to cleanse your body and to make you feel rejuvenated. In the morning, taking a bath is important to wake you up and make you ready to face another challenging day. At night, a shower or a soak in the tub is also very helpful in relaxing your tense muscles and your worn-out mind. This will enable you to get a good night’s sleep. Indeed the role of bathroom tubs in your life cannot be denied or underestimated.

artweger twinline bath and tub

This is why today, there are plenty of bathroom spa tubs and other similar fixtures that provide utmost relaxation for people. These offer spa-like services at your own convenience and with no additional charges. Right inside your own home, you can take a dip in your tub with candles everywhere and with soothing music on. You can enjoy the benefits of going to a spa, especially if you hire a home service massage artist to give you that much-needed massage after your calming soak.

The Beauty of a Soaker Tub

Among the many choices that you will be faced with when it comes to bathroom tubs, you should seriously consider getting a soaker tub. This is beneficial for people who love to go to the spa but would like to avoid spending so much, for those who are always tired from work and are seeking a great way to be relaxed at home, and for those who want a functional and stylish bathroom.

Soaker tubs are made to be comfortable for people to completely submerge their bodies in water. These are usually deeper, with a shape and size that is ideal for lying down. You can simply make use of candles, aromatherapy oils, and the like to enhance the spa-like experience.

high tech luxury spa tub

Size is an important consideration when picking out your soaker tubs. You can go for small bathroom tubs if there is not much space. Just make sure that it is comfortable enough for you despite the size. Go for a design that is considered a space-saver.

Another factor to take into account is the quality. Check out the materials and do background check on the company too. It is best to go for a brand that is well-known for its durability, reliability, top-notch materials, and superior performance.

Also, it is essential to make sure that you can actually afford what you intend to buy. Choose a soaker tub that suits your taste but is also not very costly. Some bathroom tubs have additional features that seem tempting but are not really necessary. Carefully weigh your alternatives based on your priorities and preferences.

Selecting wonderful bathroom tubs will surely go a long way to aid you in getting rid of stress and instead building a relaxed and stylish atmosphere plus a healthy mind and body.

Everything To Know About Soaker Tubs

Isn’t it great to just soak your weary body into the soaker tub filled with warm water? This is absolutely the reason why many households now consider having this kind of soothing corner in their bathroom. This special element in the house makes it very convenient for people to get a relaxing experience without going to the spa. When you’re tired, you wouldn’t find the time to drive to a place where you can have your stress relieved. With a soaker tub, you can get comfortable in just a few steps.

whirlpool savoy slipper soaker tub

Why Choose This Bathroom Fixture?

Soaker tubs aren’t the regular tubs that many people have in their homes. These are a bit different in terms of the depth. Soaker tubs are deeper compared to the standard tub, which means that users can immerse their body fully without any problem.

A deep soaker tub is considered better than the regular tub because there is no need to slide down to dip your entire body. You don’t have to be in an uncomfortable position just to submerge your body under the water completely. You can also choose the soaker tub with shower if you want to pamper yourself more. Yes, these types of tub are quite more expensive than the regular one, but the benefits and pampering that you get are definitely more than the money that you have invested to get one.

modern home soaker tub with shower

Brands That You Can Rely On

If you have already decided to get your own soaker tub, find out about the brands that you can trust. Quality is always a priority. Otherwise, you would not experience full pleasure using this kind of product. Nobody wants to have something that demands a repair or replacement more often than usual. It’s not just a waste of money, but time and energy as well. Not everyone has the luxury of any or all of these three. Check out American Standard, Kohler and Sterling. These are just three of the most recognized brands when it comes to soaker tubs.

japanese soaking tub roundup

Tips In Buying

Whether you’re planning on getting a Japanese soaker tub or whatever type you want, consider a few useful tips when buying.

  • Figure out the available space you have in your bathroom. Measure the area where you can likely position your tub. The figures that you will get can be used as references when you choose a soaker tub in the market.
  • Apart from the size, you should also take into account the quality. Consider buying one that has a brand which is highly recognized or a brand that suggests strong quality.
  • Include the price as one of your decision factors to help you in figuring out which one is fit for your bathroom, desire and pocket. It isn’t really necessary to buy one with the most popular brand especially when your budget is low.

deep marble soaking tub

Choosing and buying a soaker tub may be difficult, but having the necessary considerations such as the ones mentioned earlier can make the process a bit easier. One very important reminder before you go and find your tub. “Don’t rush!” Take it easy and have patience. Follow the guidelines or tips to avoid regrets in the future.